Airforce strikes Boko Haram logistics base

A Nigerian fighter jet

A Nigerian fighter jet

The Nigerian Airforce (NAF) said its Fighter Aircraft had struck insurgents’ logistics base at Kangarawa in Northern part of Borno.

This is contained in a statement issued by its Director of Public Relations and Information, Group Capt. Ayodele Famuyiwa, in Abuja.

“The NAF, in continuation of its employment of airpower to decimate the capability of the insurgents, has successfully taken off another logistics belonging to the insurgents.

“The latest air strike was carried out on April 11 by NAF F7-NI Fighter Aircraft against the insurgents,” it said.

According to the statement, the scale of accompanying inferno and multi explosions as can be seen from the footage of the air strike, suggests that the location possibly houses fuel or ammunition.

It said that the strike constituted another major setback for the insurgents while providing tangible evidence of many of the recent successes recorded by the Air component of Operation Lafia Dole.

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  • WhichWayNigeria(WWN)

    Is Nigerian Air Force bombing an empty airfield in North East because the last official government report told the world that Boko Haram is completely wiped out from the face of the Earth, even boasting of capturing the second in command, and we also saw a purported video clip of the Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau, begging for forgiveness. This is nothing but a government of Lies by Liars for Liars.

    • Emerson

      My broda…na u finish talk. These men think say we all na fools. They have lied to us so much that they are now telling themselves lies…This is how we will continue until 4 yrs will pass. In 2019 APC will change their slogan to – VOTE FOR THE FINAL CHANGE

  • Boski

    Whether you guys like it or not, the arm forces have been making tremendous progress compare to the previous govt. Tribal sentiment disadvantaged everyone including the sympathisers. Yes, query inaccurate information but please be objective, that will make you a better human being. The war isn’t over yet because of the enormity of the damage and landmass occupied by Boko Haram moreover, the govt. never said they’ve killed and captured all Boko Haram and their ammunitions. Another point is, some of them will still like to do some damage if given the chance which is why the govt. must continue to clear them wherever they may be.