Adebayo, Nwosu Urge Buhari To Intensify Search For Cabinet Members

THE former governor of Kwara State, Chief Cornelius Adebayo, and former Minister of Health, Prof A.B.C. Nwosu have advised President Muhammed Buhari to be painstaking in the selection of his cabinet members, saying Nigeria still has credible men and women to be appointed as ministers under the present anti corruption dispensation

Although, Adebayo insisted that a good number of credible Nigerians are still available for the President to choose from, he said the search for the right people “depends on whom you are working with, who you have your eyes on and those who you are thinking of.”

Continuing, he said, ‘a good number of people, who worked for the government under which I served were not regular politicians. Many of them were called from outside the country to come and serve. And I am sure that people of that category are still available. “

Recently, President Buhari gave reason for the delay in naming of his cabinet members, when he said that a lot of knowledgeable Nigerians, who are qualified for the position have been 
compromised and it would be risky to appoint such people into office. Buhari 
explained that appointing ministers who will be taking instructions from “powerful
 people” outside the cabinet will take Nigeria back to square one.

But the former health minister urged the President to intensify, saying the country still have many qualified and credible Nigerians, who are not compromised, to become minister.

According to Nwosu, the President should be mindful of the fact that not all those who had served this country in the past compromised or corrupt.

“Money has a very bad odour. You look at the cars people drive, you look at the houses people live in, you look at the properties they won and it is easy for the President to identify those who are not good; including those who are around him. Some former Heads of State have mansions, but there are others, like Buhari, who has only a bungalow to his name. We have a number of ministers who drive around in exotic and big cars, but there are former ministers who do not have such luxuries. Some people have properties at home and abroad and some don’t. The President only needs to look and if he looks well, he will see.”

He therefore advised the president to expand his search and set out his criteria.

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