500,000 apply for 10,000 police jobs in 12 days

Nigerian police
For those groping for proof that Nigerians seriously crave jobs, need not search any further but ask the operators of the police recruitment portal, who have in 12 days received more 500,000 applications for consideration in advertised 10,000 positions.

Spokesman of the Police Service Commission (PSC), Ikechukwu Ani, informed The Guardian yesterday evening that “as at this morning (yesterday 11th April,) 9:20 am (local time), more than 487,000 applications were received successfully, so we are saying that at the close of the day, more than 500,000 must have applied. I can confirm that from the technical people.”

Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari had last year at the opening of the National Security Summit, directed that 10,000 graduates should be recruited in the police force as part of his government’s drive to tackle youth unemployment as well as to bridge the manpower shortfall in the force. But the directive was not carried out because the financial commitment was not captured in the year’s appropriation

Following the declaration by the PSC chairman, Mike Okiro that the website for the recruitment of 10,000 additional policemen as directed by the President be opened for access by qualified applicants, it was greeted with jubilation.

The PSC had directed interested candidates to apply through its website, www.psc.gov.ng or that of the Nigeria Police Force, http://www.npf.gov.ng.

Investigation by The Guardian last week however, showed that the website was not opening as expected. An applicant, Master James, said: “At every click it would simply show ‘account for this site suspended, site under maintenance.”

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  • pmagroup

    In a country of 174 million 500,000 thousand applied for a position of 10, 000 in 12 days, this is a big disgrace and this goes a long way to show that we as a country is not moving forward. The failures of Nigeria lies in the hands of all our past leaders, from A to Z, because none have the interest of moving Nigeria forward in their hearts. As a country we have everything, neutral resources, man power, creativity, eagerness and so many more, but corruption is pulling Nigeria down, i keep on wondering why people do not change, why this word “change” is not in their mindset, shouldn’t i think that one day when this my journey comes to end, people we be happy to say that yes i was good and that transcends to my fail home, let us put a stop to corruption in Nigeria, the change we are looking for is in our hands, if the corruption in Nigeria should continue, we all know that there is no future for our children.

  • Is this not Buhari’s strategy to implant his Boko Haram gansters into the Police Service. PEOPLE!!! Wake up!!

    • Sicillian

      Get real. Okiro is in charge of this recruitment

      • You would not understand.

  • john brown

    let him show prove because the website his taking about has not been opening for some days now