32 people die in horrific crash, South Africa

crash32 people in Osizweni KwaZulu-Natal Province have been involved in a collision between a bus and a car, and have lost their lives, authorities say.

According to the initial report from the scene, 32 people have died and four others were injured.

Emergency Medical Rescue Services Spokesperson, Robert Mckenzie, said without giving further details that Paramedics were still on the scene, treating the victims.

Report says the cause of accident remains unknown.

South Africa is notorious for road carnages, which claim over 1,000 lives per month, causing huge social and economic losses.

According to the Ministry of Transport, Road crashes cost South Africa 300 billion rand (about 21 billion dollars) per annum, in direct and indirect costs.

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has vowed to reduce the number of road casualties this year by 25 per cent and achieve a 50 per cent reduction in road accidents by 2020

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