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World’s Longest Sea Crossing Bridge Is A Sight To Behold

By Urenna Ukiwe 23 October 2018   |   6:14 am

The longest sea-crossing bridge in the world has been officially opened by Chinese president Xi Jinping on Tuesday 23 October 2018.

The bridge is a breathtaking structure that connects Hing Kong, Macau and mainland China and is said to save time during travel and improve business.

The huge project took almost nine years to be completed and cost $20 billion (N7.3 trillion) to build. The bridge consists of a 34-kilometre road and encompasses 11 cities with an estimate of 68 million people.

World ‘s Longest Sea Crossing Bridge. Photo: BBC

The bridge will reduce travel time to shuttle within cities however private car owners will need a special permit to use it.

Until they get a permit they will be required to park their car in Hong Kong port and use a special car service once they have cleared with immigration.

The bridge in addition to cutting travel time will make it easier to access the region.

Tourism is expected to increase to China as some people will like to travel and experience the architectural wonder.

The bridge is built to withstand a magnitude 8 earthquake, a super typhoon and strikes by very big cargo vessels that means that it is almost indestructible. It aslo boasts a tunnel that is in between two artificial islands.

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