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24 March 2017   |   4:34 pm

Buhari returned home alive and well – you’ve got to start somewhere.  News was not so good for Audu Maikori as he was arrested again.  Nicki Minaj finally attempted to respond to Remy Ma’s diss track and Snoop started a firestorm by shooting President Trump in a video. Here are the stories that made our week…


Buhari returns

Our President finally returned to Nigeria. After several months convalescing in London and sparking wild speculation over whether he was even alive, he was spotted descending from his plane at Kaduna looking somewhat frail but definitely alive.

Free Audu Maikori – again!

The Chocolate City Boss was re-arrested this past week. Three weeks after his first arrest, he was again carted off to Kaduna State on further allegations relating to his initial postings on the South Kaduna troubles.  Social media cranked into action again, campaigning for his release although he was later bailed on health grounds.

Chimamanda under fire

Chimamanda Adichie got into hot water this week when she spoke about trans women on the UK’s Channel 4 News.  Her refusal to call trans women simply “women” divided social media and was seen by many as transphobic and “dangerous”.  She follows other prominent female authors such as Germaine Greer in questioning the womanhood claim of trans women.

Barbie bites back

Nicki Minaj finally clapped back at her “haters” releasing three diss tracks aimed at Remy Ma and her ex Meek Mills. She had the assistance of Drake and Lil Wayne on two of the tracks and instantly won the argument  on iTunes but is still yet to get her street cred back.


Murder was the case

Trump was hopping mad to discover Snoop’s new video Lavender featured him being shot in the head by the usually chilled-out rapper. It generated a media storm around freedom of speech vs respect for the Presidency with TI backing Snoop all the way and  Trump taking to his personal Twitter account (of course) to complain. When they go low we go high, not get high Snoop!

Game of legends

A novelty football game is being planned in Abuja by football ambassador John Fashanu. The line-up for the charity game to target trafficking feels a little far-fetched.  Fashanu claims it will feature living legends, Lionel Messi, Christina Ronaldo, Maradona, Zinedine Zidane, Abedi Ayew Pele, Kanu Nwanku and Austin Okocha.  Seeing will be believing.


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