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21 February 2017   |   1:24 pm

If you’re still crying for Beyonce and her lost Grammys, you may have missed the fact that President Buhari came out of his brain and prostate cancer coma briefly  to call Donald Trump.  Eku Edewor showed off her newborn and one man took a very costly Uber. Here are the stories that made our week…

Great minds think alike

Presidents Buhari and Trump reportedly talked last week. You could imagine them getting along swimmingly well, sharing similar views on feminism, democracy and alternative facts.  While their style of banter might not be to everyone’s tastes, we remain hopeful that any sort of talk between the two results in a better deal for Nigeria



Epic Grammy battle rages on

People still can’t let it go, days after the Grammy Awards.  Adele vs Beyonce. 25 vs Lemonade. Hello vs Sorry.  Formation vs Nostalgia. Or as Carlos Santana would later say (and then be immediately dragged on Twitter) a singer vs not a singer.  GL team were just as divided and even Adele couldn’t decide, breaking her Grammy into two. Since this one could take some time, someone pass the hip


Socialite and TV presenter Eku Edewor returned from the UK to Nigeria in style, unveiling her new baby on Genevieve Magazine’s 14th anniversary cover this week.  The cover girl, who had been saving her big reveal from social media for this moment, showed off her new baby with billionaire heir Chini Odogwu and talked about adjusting to motherhood. Many people were surprised to hear that Eku had even been away since her identical twin Georgina has been covering for her on the social circuit.

50 shades of terrible

The much anticipate sequel to 50 shades of Grey has left a lot of people very turned off. 50 Shades Darker was apparently neither darker nor better in any way.  The charm of titillating original about a couple into sadomasochism made the average housewife very hot under the collar. Second time around it seems Christian Grey has been a bit of a flop.

Let’s all go to the country

Kaduna is slightly faded but still a wonderful city to visit with castles, polo estates and museums. However, it has gotten the cold shoulder from foreign airlines refusing to fly into Kaduna Airport as Abuja closes for renovations.  Aside from the challenge of Kaduna’s smaller airport, the scenic route appears to be a sticking point, voted one of the most dangerous highways in Nigeria, by  Nairaland visitors, especially with recent reports of Boko Haram raiding close by. Let’s all go to the country? Erm let’s not and say we did.


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