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Taking Care Of Your Nails At Home

By Stella Ibru 03 August 2017   |   7:00 am

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Taking care of your nails improves the appearance of your hands, and also helps you hygienic and healthy. Here are some tips to help!

1.Trim your nails when they get too long

Cut nails when they get too long and start looking tacky, because they might getting caught on things. Even worse it can scratch you. For toenail care, trim your toenails in a straight line and not in a curved manner. Inappropriate toenail cutting, toe injuries and even ill-fitting boots or shoes might result in minute pieces of these toenails splitting up at the corners. This can also lead the problem of ingrown nails.

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2.Follow a good diet

Fragile nails can be caused by a lack of iron in the body. Foods rich in iron include liver, trim red meats, soy products, beans, lentils, whole grain products, green spinach, fresh vegetables and asparagus. Beetroots contain more calcium and vitamin D to supplement healthy nail growth. Consuming beetroots daily is likely to make all your finger nails incredibly healthy and sturdy.

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3.Soak nails in lemon juice

Soaking your nails in lemon juice for five minutes would cure it and get rid of any infections o bacteria.  Making your fingernails healthy.

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4. Massage nails

Use a cotton ball dipped in fresh lemon juice and rinse them all right out after short while. By following this kind of procedure, an individual’s fingernails or toenails will end up being firm as well as radiant.

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