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Creating Yoga Space At Home

08 April 2016   |   7:00 am

Once you learn the basics of yoga, then practicing at home becomes fun. You can easily make yoga part of your daily routine when you have taken time to design your own yoga space. In creating yoga space at home; you will be looking at somewhere peaceful, relaxing and able to help you unwind from all life engagements in a space you can call your own and without interruptions. You may not have enough rooms in your home for a permanent yoga space but if you make it a duty to create one spot into your yoga space, even if it is little; you will be very glad you did as it saves you from all the huddles of having to step out whether or not you feel like it or visiting a yoga studio every day and practicing a 90 minute sweaty flow just because you want show some commitment. Yoga is meant to be fun, a means of relaxation and meditation and also exercise; not stress.

It is true that practicing in a studio with a skilled instructor and a class to motivate you has been a norm with its own advantage; but then; it takes a few practices to learn all the basics in yoga and going to the studio becomes a thing of choice or convenience rather than a mere demand.

If practicing yoga in the comfort of your home sounds like something you would like doing; then let’s get you started on how you can bring yoga completely home! To start, you will need to do the following:

·    Choose a Spot: This spot is meant to be relaxing and calming. If your yoga space is in a room, then consider picking a spot that allows fresh air through the windows as well as abundant natural light, after all, we all need the Vitamin D. A peaceful place void of noise or disturbances, preferably somewhere you can easily connect to nature will be ideal. But if you have an outdoor space, then outdoors is best. This will energize you and help you savor nature the more!


·    Get your Props together: A flat surface is key for balancing postures and to root down into the Earth, so ensure your space is well leveled. Other props you must have are: a lightweight inexpensive yet durable mat for yoga classes; it’s a must have. A handy towel to absorb sweat; kept for easy grips, a blanket to make sitting or lying down more cozy, bolster to help support your postures, meditation pillow (optional), a strap to help flexibility, set of blocks for those postures that are lengthened and a yoga sandbag to help your body deepen and relax into postures. All these are a must buy for your yoga plans at home.

Put your props together.2jpg


·     Decorate your Space: This is where it gets even more interesting cos you are just about to bring in all your creative ideals that make the yoga studio a fun place to be for relaxation, meditation and or yoga practices. Here are the major decorative ideas you want to apply: Lanterns of any size, shape, or color, plants with nice scents and easy to grow indoors, a burner with the kind of scent that brings you alive, candles as many as possible, arts, crystal, seashell or other decorations that suite your taste, a portable play station or speaker to light up the ambiance with the right mind empowering rhythms would all be ideal.

Decorate your yoga space


I hope these few tips have dropped some insights to guide you through, if yes; then have fun bringing Yoga right into your home!

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