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Corporate Yoga, What’s This?

20 March 2016   |   10:16 am

How yoga can boost productivity in the workplace.

My darling friend Amandine told me about how her boss introduced yoga to her workplace in London while we made fresh mint tea, winter had come hard that day. I found it very interesting because I knew this would be very useful back in Lagos. We all know how stress levels build after waking up painfully early to get stuck ‘again’, in traffic. The horns blaring ever so loudly, perhaps even that roguish bus driver hit your car and broke your newly fixed mirror. You don’t stop to indulge the already shouting conductor because you are late and need to be at work in time to avoid another query.

Sounds like a typical day in Lagos? Ahhhh!

We all need a break, and not the regular break that most people skip anyway to get more “work” done, to impress the boss, or simply because they’re swamped with work.


Imagine a 30 minutes yoga break where employees can bond over how much the asana’s make them feel so much better. That lower back pain caused by sitting at the desk all day, alleviated, moods improved, tension reduced since everyone leaves their stress, pressure and guards (including shakara) at the door.

Pranayama (breath control), which is core of the yoga practice, helps you focus, by bringing consciousness to the present moment. More importantly, it activates the body’s parasympathetic system, which helps you relax.

According to a 2007 study on brain GABA (gamma-amino butyric acid) and yoga, Yoga increases the levels of the neurotransmitter GABA which improves the mood and suppresses anxiety. So even when your clashing deadlines were due a day before, and you have to cover someone else’s shift, again, you would be in better control of the situation, if you practice yoga, it really does help!

The most productive investment you can make in the workplace is the staff, as they make the business work! So how about investing in their mental and physical health?


Company benefits

–              Low cost solution to reduce healthcare expenses for companies.

–              Improved productivity and mental clarity which enhances innovation in the work place

–              Promotes a friendly and positive working environment

–              Higher employee morale, fewer “sick days” and absenteeism

Employee benefits

–              Improves concentration, multitasking and spot-on decision making skills

–              Improves lower back pain, neck and head aches, carpal tunnel syndrome, lowers risk of obesity, high blood pressure, insomnia, and stress

–              Enhances better customer service and support

The list is endless to be entirely honest, but have a go and experience the benefits for yourself, not sure how to start, or how to introduce to your work place? Send us an email on info.yogawithstacey@gmail.com and we will show you how!

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