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Brighten Your Complexion With These Natural Tips

04 April 2016   |   5:28 pm

Many people have found it very difficult maintaining their complexion. This gets even worse during summer and there is not much we have been able to do about it because we lack the know-how. Our skins get dull due to sun burns, unhealthy lifestyles, lack of proper body maintenance and all; hence the need to try new skin care natural tips has become very essential.

There are many ways to brighten complexion. Some use the whitening agent which contains harmful substances. This has many situations, worsened our skin complexions and total facial appearances than we bargained for. There is also the natural way which is what we will be using the next few minutes to examine.

Follow me carefully, as we unveil some proven harmless ways you can get your natural complexion back to life.

  1. Use Soaps made of Natural Ingredients: Stay away from soaps made of alkaline (caustic soda) or other chemicals which most soaps are made of. This is due to their acidic nature. It is better to use soaps made with natural ingredients like vitamins and minerals than the former. Many soaps are highly alkaline and this is why when exposed to the sun our sensitive skins begin to damage or experience all types of irritation.
  1. Minimize your Sun Exposure: Avoid UV rays exposures as much as possible to prevent premature aging and lower your risk of developing skin cancer. Use a sun-shade umbrella or wear a wide-brimmed hat and clothing that covers as much of the skin as possible when outdoors.
  1. Exfoliate Your Face: It is recommended to clean and exfoliate your face twice in a day i.e. in the morning and before sleep. This helps to get rid of oils and dirt that block the skin pores from opening up. A clean skin can maintain even and bright complexion. Take lots of water to ensure that your skin is hydrated enough, to enable sweating and excreting dirt causing bacteria and other infections. Use moisturizer daily before sleeping to help in reduction of fine lines, dryness and wrinkle formation leaving you a rather soft, moisturized and bright complexion.
  1. Use Good Body Cream to protect your Skin: Better to go into the sun wearing sunscreen, preferably one made with a zinc oxide base than allow your skin suffer damages. Apply at least half an hour before exposure.
  1. Eat Healthy: Good health starts with good nutrition, so make sure to eat plenty of healthy foods for glowing skin, such as fruits, raw vegetables, and whole grains. It is preferred to make your foods yourself or at least ensure you buy from a healthy food vendor if your busy schedules cannot allow.
  1. Get Rid of the Bad Habits: Avoid habits that endanger your skin. Late nights, stress, alcohol, and cigarettes are habits that affect the totality of your well being so invariably reflects on the skin.
  1. Try Natural Facial Masks: A DIY fruit, enzymes and other do it yourself facial masks can help clear away dead skin, improving blemishes and imperfection. It will help you save a lot of money when you make your masks at home than purchasing harmful expensive products.
  1. Exercise Regularly: Regular exercise and other physical activities restore vitality to our skins so remains the best way to stay in shape. Choose an activity that you enjoy most and make it part of your daily routine.

We hope we have been able to help with these few natural tips to help you get back to the complexion you have so longed for. Good luck!

Photo credit: divaswishfashion.blogspot.com.

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