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7 Ways to Cut Down Your Sugar Intake

19 April 2016   |   8:30 am

We all love sugar to some extent. The occasional sweet treat isn’t so bad, but did you know sugar is a contributory factor to a number of heart-related diseases? Yes, the body does need some amount of sugar to run, but everything in moderation.

Here are seven ways to cut down on your sugar intake:

  1. Don’t Starve Yourself

If you’re going on a diet to lose some weight and maybe cut down your sugar intake, that’s great. However, completely starving yourself actually causes your blood sugar to drop and leave you feeling irritable and very hungry. The worse thing is you’ll end up craving the sugar you were avoiding even more. The best thing to do is eat food rich in protein, healthy fats and phytonutrients at regular intervals.

  1. Detoxify

If you want to cut down your sugar intake, you should also neutralise the one you’ve already consumed. Detoxify your body by consuming more vegetables, fermented foods, and lemon water. This will not only flush all the toxins out of your body, but reduce your sugar cravings and let you focus on eating healthy.

  1. Power Up at Breakfast

Ever heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day? It’s not just a myth. What you put in your mouth first thing in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. This is why you should ensure your first meal is packed full of proteins, fat, and plant nutrients. Some combination of fruits, veggies and nuts are enough to leave you feeling very full for a while and kill all cravings. Probably why smoothies and smoothie bowls have become a huge trend.

  1. Embrace Natural Substitutes

The less processed a food is, the less added sugar it will contain. So, if you’re having a sugar craving, find a natural supplement. Sweet potatoes are great in such an instance. Or, if you’re really craving something fast, you can have grapes and apples. Carrots are also a cool natural substitute.

  1. And Spices

In addition to substituting natural sugars for sweets and treats, you should also up your spice intake. Pepper has been known to be quite filling. And spices like ginger, cinnamon and cardamom are popular for keeping one’s cravings at bay.

  1. Sleep, Hydrate, Exercise

Just like when you’re trying to lose weight, cutting down sugar also requires you to sleep well, stay hydrated, and exercise regularly. Getting enough rest will stop you from using sugar to fight exhaustion. A good exercise routine will replace the energy you think you get from consuming sugar. And sometimes what you think is a sugar or food craving is really just dehydration.

  1. Monitor Emotional Triggers

Sometimes, a sugar addiction is linked to past or present emotional problems. Sometimes it helps to talk to a professional about exploring these issues. By monitoring these issues and their triggers, we can effectively seek other ways to destress and solve these problems. And avoid stuffing our faces as an escape.

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