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The City I’m In With Mr Eazi

21 April 2017   |   2:31 pm


Where’s home?

Home is where the heart is. For me it can be Lagos, Accra and London but for now I’m in Los Angeles.


What projects are you working on?

Right now I am majorly touring and simultaneously working on my album and another mixtape. Watch this space!


What advice would you give to a tourist?

Detty yourself! Basically, don’t be a couch potato, taste local delicacies, do something daring like bungee jumping or sky diving if it’s available. Also learn to say hello in a local language.


What do you like about Los Angeles?

The scenery and the fact that I can run into a celebrity at anytime.


What do you dislike about Los Angeles?

Really?? What’s not to like about Los Angeles?


Best restaurant?

I’ve really not been going out because of the tour, so Naija Boy does most of the cooking here but if I were to choose, it’s definitely going to be Veronica’s Kitchen on Manchester Blvd, Inglewood.


Who is in your local squad?

Naija Boy, Osi, Clay and Doregos.


What was the last tune you downloaded?

Happy Hour by Odunsi The Engine.


What shoes are you wearing today and why?

It’s a collaboration piece between myself and Laolu NYC,  a creative designer. Why? Because I love it.


Where’s the party at?

The party is wherever I’m at. Detty yourself!


What do you do for exercise around here?

I casually do push-ups. Although I wish I could be more consistent.


How do you wind down?

I listen to music and try out new restaurants.


Who will you call if you get into trouble?

Ghostbusters! Just kidding, you never know these things until you’re actually in trouble.


What are you missing most about home?

Nothing in particular


Why are you here in Los Angeles?

Music touring for the mixtape Accra to Lagos.

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