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Lynxxx In London Town

By Beatrice Porbeni 17 July 2017   |   3:00 pm

Lnyxxx is a popular musician known for hit tracks like Change your Parade, African Bad Girl, Fine Lady and of course his infamous charm with the ladies. While he has been in London working on his EP, Summer Time Vibes, he gives Guardian Life a short summary of his trip!

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Where’s home?
Home is my birth city, my favourite but oh so crazy city, Lagos!

What projects are you working on?
It’s summer and I’m gearing up to release a brand-new EP titled Summer Time Vibes. I’m really excited about this project because, in my opinion, it’s amazing pop music to suit the summer. There is something on the album for everyone and every mood, if you just want to chill, if you feel like partying and dancing or if you are in love, essentially it is a short body of work for everyone!

What advice would you give to a tourist?
Hmm let’s see, I’ll say be open minded about the foreign culture, try new things, have fun, try out different types of food and most essentially, stay safe.


Why are you here?
I’m currently in London and I’ve been out here touching base and connecting the dots musically. It’s a great time for African music and entertainment and the culture and energy here is amazing. So far, I’ve been out here recording new music, networking, making appearances and shooting a few videos for the upcoming EP #SummerTimeVibes.

How do you get from A to B?
Well, I drive myself in an SUV most of the time but when I can’t be bothered to deal with the traffic… Uber is your best friend…Lol!

Best restaurant?
I’m a sucker for Amala and Efo with beef and shaki so any spot that has that on lock is my spot! I don’t have a favourite restaurant per say.

Who is in your local squad?
A: Well… All my life I’ve always kept a small circle of brothers I can trust. I call them brothers because this friendship has spanned almost 20 years long, therefore, I look at them like brothers because the loyalty is as thick as it gets. These are my Syndik8 family, Ikon, Dj Obi and Lanre Masha. Banky and Praiz are also very good industry friends who you may catch me hanging out with every now and then.

What was the last tune you downloaded?
Jay-Z 4:44 (Curious as to what his content would be about on this project) and a couple praise worship songs from Travis Greene, Nathaniel Bassey and Kingsley KaeStrings.

What shoes are you wearing today and why?
Simple black Topman plimsolls. They are comfortable and easy fit for joggers or jeans. I like my stuff less complicated.

Where’s the party at?
I have no clue! Someone needs to tell me (laughs).

Topman plimsolls

What do you do for exercise around here?
Gym, Gym, Gym… I’m in the gym at least four days a week. It’s a lifestyle I’ve had for over a decade so it’s second nature now.

How do you wind down?
These days it’s less partying unless there’s a reason to be out. Got so much on my plate I need to be focused and productive. When I want to chill and unwind, I would rather play FIFA, watch a movie or go out for lunch with a few friends. We only party when we have to. The grind requires focus in these times.


Who will you call if you get into trouble?
Probably my cousin, Oni Ijewere who is pretty much like my brother because I’ve literally grown with him from birth. Growing up we got into so much trouble together so I guess we have a thing for bailing each other out of situations (laughs).

What are you missing most?
I definitely miss my daily routine of going to Mass everyday in Lagos; I try out here but its a lot more challenging. I miss my Amala connect, I’ve tried a few out here but it’s not the same as what I get back home (laughs). I miss my family and my nephews and my niece…can’t wait to get back home and see them. I also miss my house and my bed even though I don’t miss buying diesel every other day (laughs).

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