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G.L Travels: Obudu Mountain Resort

05 April 2016   |   7:36 am

My visit to Obudu Mountain Resort was an exciting experience. The journey lasted for 7 hours journey from Abuja, which is the best route to pass if you are going by road. It is advisable to have your own car because of the distance from the gate to the ranch else you have to wait for a bus to take you there. When we arrived at the gate which is at the foot of the mountain I thought we were already at the ranch but the driver informed us the ranch itself was an 11 kilometers drive up the mountain.


It was an experience going up the mountain by car, the sharp curves give the illusion of falling but we made it to the ranch.  The curved road is known as the Devil’s Elbow which is interesting but also scary. The resort is maintained by African Sun and Protea Hotels; they provide well equipped rooms for tourists.They render excellent service and the restaurants have trained chefs that create mouthwatering delicacies. The rooms are so comfortable with no air conditioner because of the cold weather; therefore each room has a room heater.

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Obudu is packed with lots of activities that are engaging. Time flies at the resort, it might shock you that your departure time would leave you sad. The Canopy walk is one of the exciting places to visit when you are in Obudu, it is 60 kilometers long and 25 kilometers off the ground. You get to explore the beauty of Mother Nature, beautiful landscape with birds of different species. I couldn’t believe my ears when our guide said the canopy can withstand 70 people at the same time.


It is a path way supported by cable wires, the sway feeling of the walk is scary but interesting. Another adventurous activity is the cable car. Believe it or not it is the first of its kind in Africa, the only one in Nigeria and also the longest in world (4 kilometers long). It is really worth the ride, it takes you to the top of the mountain and down to the foot of the mountain. You get to see the whole view of the mountain and appreciate nature from all angles of 1576 meters above sea level.


You also see the path road that leads to top of the mountain within 15 minutes. They really they did an awesome job creating this wonderland; it is very unusual to see someone at the resort who doesn’t have any activity to engage in.

At the foot of the mountain there is a water park, lovers’ garden and waterfalls that runs by the side of the garden from the top of the mountain, it is so amazing. I was told by our guide that the waterfall is their primary source of water.

Thinking of your summer vacation? Don’t worry, Obudu is ready to welcome you!!

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