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Five Tell-Tale Signs He Is Not Into You

By Njideka Agbo 13 February 2018   |   12:09 pm

As strategic creatures, men know how to dance to whatever tune a woman has so long as he is getting what he wants. He eventually leaves if he sees something better in another especially if he got it on a cheap platter. Due to women’s emotional makeup, they, sometimes, assume they are in a relationship even when their partner has not said anything. This is because they translate the flowers, chocolates, and occasional attention to mean “love”. Yet there are subtle signs that give him away if a woman pays careful attention to his body language.

Apart from his hot and cold attitude, here are some signs that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with you:


  1. He clearly does not respect you when he makes some nasty comments about you and acts hurt or offended when you bring it to his attention. He intends for you to take it as a “joke” and can say it in front of his friends. When a man is in love, he becomes naturally protective.
  2. Although great sex determines a lot in a relationship, it should not be the basis of a relationship unless it is a friend with benefits relationship. If by now, you don’t know enough to trust your partner except his sex game and every time you try to bring up serious talk, he avoids it, then he might not find you good enough. When a man is in love and willing to commit, he’d find himself saying things even though talking might not be his thing. Men only open up to people they can trust so when this happens, women who are lucky to have committed partners know this.
  3. The word “us” is a simple yet weighty word. A man is careful to use the word when he is in a relationship but if he sees a future with you in it, the word will come out freely. Although it is not absolute, it is a great way of saying he sees you in his future.
  4. If he does not include you in important decisions that affect him or seek for your candid advise, then he sees you as a friend or worse, an acquaintance.
  5. He doesn’t trust you. We can’t emphasize this enough. Our honest opinion is to trust your instinct.

Don’t get caught up in your feelings, you are worth much more.

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