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Style Secrets For The Petite Girl

By Stella Ibru 21 July 2017   |   6:18 pm

Learning how to dress if you are short requires a lot of skill, which can be mastered over a period of time. Here are four secret tips every vertically challenged girl should know.

1.How to appear longer

Getting clothes with the right fit and size is important for short women.Wearing heels is a great way to gain some height. However getting heels that are too high will make you look out of proportion.Go easy on the oversized accessories as these may overwhelm you.It’s normal for your legs to be relatively short. To make those appear longer you can wear the same colour belt as your pants or skirt.


2.Create a flattering silhouette

Avoid wearing very contrasting tops. As they will draw more attention to the fact that your upper body is almost the same length as your lower body.A well fitted dress will give you a great silhouette.High waisted pants with a short top will do the same.

3.Avoid Boxiness

Fitted clothes are usually better for you and avoid oversized clothes.The same goes for tops. Be careful with very wide tops and make sure not to have both wide on top and below.Best not to tuck in your pants into your boots.Belts are best kept narrow, unless you belt it very high up your waist.

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