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Style Inspiration For This Weekend

08 January 2016   |   3:28 pm

It can be difficult to find unique ways to spice up your weekend looks especially when you have worn the same kind of outfits over and over again, so you start to get bored, uninspired and unstylish. But don’t worry your pretty head a bit; we are here to help you find some unusual new touches you can give your style this weekend to push it up.


I always like to recommend you start first with the mirror magic, your mirror has a way of setting the correct moods for your intended styles. It opens your imaginations to new things, it also reminds you of lovely outfits you have hidden in your closet and have probably forgotten about. You can match up different outfits, colours and shoulds. This gives you an opportunity to be your own Judge and get the perfect look you truly desire.



The Internet is the easiest and most efficient place to get your endless options from. Are you looking for something hot/classic/flirty/edgy etc? I like to think you can’t get it wrong with the right images right on your screen. Keep flipping the pages until you get just the right kind of idea that will turn you from Cinderella to the Queen.



Different creative ideas are running through your mind on what outfit to put on be it for a hangouts, Sunday service or better still party this weekend. Now it’s time to be real. I call it ‘time to create’. Bring out your outfit and the right accessories you need, use the images you got online to inform your decision, compare the fabrics/images to something you own and begin to match your colours, wears and create your style. This could take a bit of time because you want to be sure you are getting it just right with your jewelries, shoe pairs and hand bags.



You might want to twist your style to look a bit different. Now you don’t have to be a fashionista to do that. There are simple tricks you can try; try attaching a flashy colour neckerchief to blend with your dark shades, things are a little more exciting when you make your outfit colourful. Speaking of tossing the old stuff, if you’re big on DIY projects then this is definitely a good thing to try this weekend, but switch it up for a better fit or look. There are plenty sites that offer ways to spice up that old pair of shorts, jeans or dress by simply applying dye, cutting some pieces out, tying a fanciful coloured belts, partial tucking in, or simply good colour match.


Try out these inspirational ways to spice up your style this weekend and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Have a fabulous Weekend!!!


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