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How To Maintain Protective Styles For A Week

26 October 2015   |   9:16 am

Hey guys, today I want to talk about maintaining various protective styles with your hair, for a week!

Some of us are working women, others are students and we might not have time to change up a style daily. We can take buns, pineapples, twists, flat twists, Bantu knots etc to work and school and we want to carry those styles that way for a week. Well it’s easy…I would just give examples of a few styles and how to maintain them for a week.

Twists: They are the easiest to carry this way, cos they are already twisted. No need to comb or brush. What we need to do it moisturize nightly and wear our satin bonnet and in the morning, we either add accessories or we carry it the way it just is. We might need to carry a spray bottle incase the weather is too hot because it’ll dry out the hair. This goes for flat twist, Bantu knots weaving and braids with our hair.

natural twists

Twists out (Bantu knots out, flat twists out, braids out): At night, we can put our hair back in huge twists for all of them, to maintain the coils and curls, we moisturize before doing that, LOC method and then we wear our bonnet to keep moisture locked in and to keep the curls. Or if we don’t want to twist hair back, we can just put in two huge braids Or just pineapple the hair, wear the bonnet and head to bed. In the morning, we unravel and style properly and we are out. Takes less than 10 minutes.


Buns: For buns and pineapple, we leave them that way, just maybe twist the ends (moisturize first), or roll the ends and pin it to the side of the head. It should still be in the bun or pineapple or puff shape. Satin bonnet and sleep. In the morning, you’ll probably need a little edge control for the edges, and then you properly style your hair back into the bun/puff/pineapple it was.


After a week, we cowash, deep condition, moisturize and begin the next style for the week.

Benefits of maintaining a style for a week.

1. Encourages growth: When you’re not disturbing your hair daily, it leads to happy scalp which encourages hair growth. Low manipulation helps our hair grow.

2. Growth retention: We lose less hair when we manipulate our hair less. Our hair loves to be left alone. And we should leave her alone to flourish.

3. Less stress for you: Maintaining a style for a week takes stress off your hands, gives you more time for something else and you’re less fussy.

So these are easy ways to maintain styles done with our hair for a week. I hope it has helped someone. Questions and comments are welcomed. All in all, lets love our hair and disturb her a lot less.

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