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How To Achieve Your Best Brows

02 October 2016   |   10:00 am

Your brows are your face’s most important feature. This is why it’s worth going the extra mile to shape them and fill them in so that they frame your face properly. If you’re having issues with your brow game, these 7 tips will help you get your eyebrow #OnFleek


Figure out your face shape and what brow shape goes along with it


The worst thing that can happen to you is having the wrong brow shape on your face. Take some time to study your face and research eyebrow shapes. That way, you’ll be able to figure out whether you should add, subtract, or change the shape of your brows.


Your brows should line up with your nose and eyes


The head (where the brow begins) of your eyebrows should line up with your nostrils, your arch (the curve) should be right above your iris and your brow should end where your eyes end.


Stand back from the mirror


When filling in/tweezing your brows, step back from the mirror so you can see your brows and how it fits on your face. When you’re too close, you won’t see how everything looks as a whole.


Use short strokes

When using a pencil to fill in your brows, take your time. Use short, hair-like strokes to mimic the natural look of your brow.


Use Pomade for skinny brows

If you have skinny brows, pomades are best to help fill and add body. You’re going to need an angled brow brush to apply it.


Clean up and shape with a highlighter


Sometimes, you could fill in your brow and the shape looks wonky. Use a concealer that is two shades lighter than your foundation to clean up and shape your brows to your desire


Your brows are sisters, not twins

Your brows don’t HAVE to match. There are supposed to just look alike. One brow may have a higher arch or may be a bit thicker. Remember: Sisters, not twins


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