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An Easy Way To Transform Your Heeled Sandals

By Chidirim Ndeche 24 July 2017   |   6:00 pm

Due to financial constrains, lack of storage space, or just not being able to find the colour of heeled sandals you want, you find yourself having to choose one or more pairs or shoes even though you want a hundred of them. Or you just have that one pair of shoes that are super comfortable and you could wear them everyday, but you can’t have people thinking that you only have one pair of heels. Well, this fashion tip is here to save the day. Turn your sandals or heeled sandals into a totally different pair of shoes with this DIY trick. The best thing about this trick is that, unlike the others where you glue the fabric on, you can easily take it off.

Sandal makeover DIY by Paper Stitch

1. Take a pair of your strong, comfortable sandals.

2. Cut a strip of cloth in the colour you want; about half a yard should do. Cut this into two equal long strips of cloth.

3. Wrap the cloth around the shoe strap, starting from one end to the other, and making sure the edges of the fabric are securely tucked in and hidden. Make sure the fabric is enough for you to fasten around the strap multiple times.

4. Here is the tricky part: thread a hand needle and lightly tack the fabric in place. Make sure not to sew the actual shoe. You don’t want to ruin it.

5. Trim off the edges that are popping out, if any.

Wrapped sandals. Photo: lines across.com

6. Rock your new sandals.

You can always remove this fabric and try it in other pieces of material using the same shoe.

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