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A Guide To Online Shopping

By Funmi Daniel 24 July 2017   |   11:29 am

Online shopping has taken the world by storm.  It’s hard to believe that there was once a time when the thought of buying things online was such an alien concept. Fast forward 15 years, however, and it’s safe to say that a brand risks alienating a huge portion of the global market if they choose not to have some kind of online presence.

While most people have jumped aboard the online shopping train and relish the ease and convenience of shopping from the comfort of their homes, there are definitely some rules that you should abide by to ensure you don’t regret your decisions to shop online. Whether novice or expert, read on to learn some online shopping do’s and don’ts.


Set a budget: Whatever your shopping for, make sure you decide how much you want to spend before you go to your site of choice to avoid being tempted by the new arrivals and never-ending discounts.

Have a shopping plan: Whether you’re shopping for shoes, accessories or a Saturday night dress, make sure you have in mind what you’re planning to buy to avoid over spending.

Sort your selection by lowest price first:  By doing this you’ll see all the bargains the store has on offer, whilst ensuring that you’re able to stay within your budget.

Sort your selected category by new arrivals:  This way not only do you get to see all the newest trends and products, but you’re also more likely to get products in your size.


Pay in advance if cash on delivery options are available: It’s far easier for you to reject an order if it’s not suitable rather than having to chase for a refund.

Place an order before checking the sites refund policy:  There’s nothing worse than placing a huge order you intended on choosing from before realising you’re stuck with everything they’ve delivered.

Ordering items from an unknown brand without checking the size chart:  Ensure you understand the sizes of a brand to ensure you understand the product sizes.

Forget to check your site a couple of times a week to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the new arrivals:  You don’t necessarily need to make purchases, but at least you’ll know what’s available should you wish to buy something.

Where to shop?

There are the giants Konga and Jumia that have a wide assortment of clothing, shoes and accessories.  However, there are lots of other boutique sites that have other products made by local designers, and international wholesale brands.

For bubus Grey Velvet provides an always-changing range of fabrics and prints. www.greyvelvetstores.com

If graphic tees are your thing, Garmspot has a huge selection for men at pocket-friendly prices. www.garmspot.com

A hub for all things Nigerian for both men and women is Ochulo, particularly for traditional wear for men.  www.ochulo.com

Slides? Yes, please!  With both black and silver colours available, TNL Designs are the place to visit for both shoes and clothing. www.shoptnldesigns.com –

If you’re looking for smart fashion, Fashpa is the place for you.  Utilising local fabrics in western shapes, it’s the perfect place to get clean and lady like silhouettes. www.fashpa.com


Timi Bubu, N28, 500, Frankie & Co @ Grey Velvet

Mr Garbe Fela Print T-Shirt, N9,999

Red Bugs Trad, N45,000, Roise & Reine via Ochulo

Silver Sildes, N5,250, TNL

Mel Lace-up Shirt, N9,110, Fashpa

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