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5 Tips for A Great Instagram Account

19 April 2016   |   12:45 pm

What’s your favourite Instagram account? Whatever it is, I’m almost absolutely certain it has a pretty high following. But what makes you and all the other people who love this account flock to it so much? According to social media experts, the key to a great Instagram account is to provide great, authentic content. You have to tell a story people will want to be a part of without looking like you are trying too hard to do it.

Would you be surprised to know that the owners of your favourite account, or even some of the best Instagram accounts, isn’t just effortlessly pushing out these posts? Yes, some captions seem like they didn’t take that long to come up with, and the pictures sometimes seem very casual. However, I assure you a good number of them took hours to stage, edit, fine tune, caption and post.

If you want your Instagram account to start raking in the followers as well, say goodbye to sloppy mirror selfies and follow this guide.

  1. Stick to your style/theme: One of the most important factors of a great Instagram account is consistency. When people are visiting your page, they should have an idea of what it is they are going to get. To achieve this, you need to identify what your style and/or theme is and stick to it. Do you want a solely black and white page, are you sticking to a certain colour scheme? Is it a makeup/beauty page? Consistency allows followers and visitors to connect with you.
  2. Don’t Overdo the Filters: Filters do a lot of things – some of which are pretty cool. However, in order to do these things, filters manipulate the colours in your pictures. Sometimes applying filters to a picture takes a lot out of its authenticity. You should also consider that if your feed has different pictures with multiple filters on it, it throws the overall aesthetic off. Truth be told, if you take a really good picture and edit it well, you don’t even need a filter. You could just tweak the photo a little with a photo editing app.
  3. Use the Right Lighting: Ideally, your pictures shouldn’t be taken against really bright light. A good number of fashion bloggers recommend taking pictures either early in the morning or around dusk. However, beauty bloggers know how beneficial bright sunlight is in making their looks “pop”. The key is to find the right lighting for what you aim to do. Avoid shadows and make sure the effect you’re going for isn’t lost.
  4. Know the Right Times to Post: When is your audience most active on Instagram? Yes, you’re really eager to post this awesome picture, but you also don’t want it to get lost among your followers’ feed. Post a picture when you know your audience is most likely looking at their phones. For us in Nigeria, this is usually around 5am when people get up, at lunchtime, and in the evenings from around 7pm. Weekends are often tricky because most people are too busy with their own lives to look at their phones.
  5. Take Multiple Pictures: Nobody gets that great “random” or #MyView picture in just one shot. It often takes multiple tries and angles. It’s really the same way people makes jokes about women and their selfies. You’re going to have to take about a hundred pictures and then decided which one makes the cut.
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