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The Visual Storyteller- Temi Coker

01 December 2016   |   2:17 pm

Not your average photographer, Temi Coker explains how he discovered he was “different” to others in his environment; “I always knew I was different when I started making things to pass time. I used to make a small camera out of paper and draw people and “take their pictures” for fun.”

Obviously destined to be a photographer from a young age, his vision of becoming a visual storyteller was halted due to his parent’s own ambitions for him to be an biochemical engineer – a common cultural trait with Nigerian parents. Nevertheless, he deviated from the engineering route and went on to achieve a degree in digital media, something he incorporates into his photography.

Upon coming across the Lagos native’s work, I was taken by surprise; feeling as though I had walked into a visual diary, full of life and meaning. It is not common, especially in today’s society that one comes across a down-to-earth body of work.  As I am totally obsessed with all things African, naturally, I found his work deeply satisfying to observe.

Temi’s “Temi X Nigeria” album is essentially a visual record of his trip to Lagos.  Most people do not consider the naturalness of Lagos as beautiful but Temi could capture the city in its raw entirety.  From the vibrant markets, to the streets, he was able to incorporate the concept of visual storytelling, exquisitely.


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