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01 March 2017   |   1:53 pm

Ladi “Bentley” the guy behind Supercars Nigeria lifts the bonnet  on the most expensive cars in Nigeria and their wealthy owners


She is beautiful from every angle.  Curvaceous, gleaming, delicate yet strong. When she arrives at the club, people can’t take their eyes off her. The doors open and she’s ushered in like a VVIP.  She is sexy, glamorous and drives everyone crazy but they still love her. She’s smart too, disrespect her at your peril.  But mostly she is a diva, super expensive and extremely high maintenance. If you don’t like wahala, best not to get involved.

She is, of course, a supercar and being in a supercar fan club is like being surrounded by beautiful women all day, well if you’re Ladi “Bentley” it is.

Supercar life

As you can see by the sartorial disguise, Ladi doesn’t like the limelight but over the past three years his blog has been at the centre of the growing supercar community here. Like Clark Kent he is a regular, church-going Joe, working nine to five, but at weekends he is Supercarman who can be found hanging out at expensive hotels, hobnobbing with the ultra-wealthy and being pursued by those eager to see their cars featured on his Instagram account @SupercarsofNigeria.


“Most people in Nigeria are poor so when they see something beautiful like a Rolls Royce they get so excited,” says Ladi. “That’s why I post these cars on my page.”

There are many spinoffs to the original Supercars of London brand. There’s Supercars of India, Supercars of Montenegro, Supercars of New York and so on but few are as popular as Supercars of Nigeria.  It might seem strange for a country, which is still struggling with its roads to be obsessed with supercars. Also, that people would import low-lying cars here at huge expense when for half the year we are underwater. Then there’s huge poverty and a recession to boot [pun intended and you’re welcome].



What recession?

“Recession is just a word to scare people.” Ok, Ladi, if you say so. Our bank balances say otherwise but continue.

“If you’re going to work, you’re still making money, you can spoil yourself.  People are using that word as an excuse.”

Okay, so are the people doing this are quite rational or is there something else going on because there’s guy on Instagram with a Lamborghini in his living room?

There are rich people who don’t like supercars.” says Ladi “It depends on how they grew up.  They just want to get from A to B, they will be happy with a Toyota. but people like me who have loved cars from a child, imagine what I would get. It also depends on how they get their money.  Most are not legit like that. They feel like they can waste all this money. Most are politicians too. To own a Rolls Royce you need 275 million Naira in cash. I know someone with seven that he bought brand new. He’s obsessed I guess. I would do it too.”

The guy with the Lambo in the living room is Okwudili Umenyiore by the way but if you can’t indulge your obsessions to that extent blogging about it is the next best thing. Ladi says he and his bestie Olaoluwa, the guy behind @Carsfromnaija gets invitations to Abuja and Kaduna. “Those Hausa guys are so rich!”  kudos for being Mr Supercars Nigeria and getting up close and personal with pretty much all the beautiful cars in Nigeria.



Ladi says he’s not really about that kudos and that his 55K+ followers mean nothing to him. We believe you Ladi! (We don’t). According to him it really is just about the cars. “My favorite car is a Bentley hence my nickname Ladi Bentley. One day I will own one.”

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