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Spotlight-Building Nissi’s Nation

07 February 2017   |   4:40 pm

Being blessed with creative music talent is one thing, but when you are born into it and it is all you have ever known, it becomes an obvious path. For Nissi Ogulu, her musical path was clear from the beginning. The Port Harcourt-born singer and sister to Burna Boy started her musical journey when she was about six years old.

“I started singing when I was nine years old and playing instruments at roughly six years …I was influenced firstly by jazz, Fela,” she said.


Nissi’s family is known to have been in the music business for many years. Her grandfather was a radio broadcaster who worked directly with Fela and brother Burna Boy is known for his reggae-dance hall tunes. Although she has managed to separate her music persona and soon-to-be fame from her famous sibling, they have a strong board.

 “My brother is like my twin just born a few years earlier…Picture the most protective person you know, multiply it by five…he’s great. I dig him.”


Nissi speaks passionately about her creative process being somewht connected to art as she describes seeing her “music in colors”.

“When I paint, there needs to be music. When I’m making music I actually see the music in colours. I can feel the music, tapping with my fingers or thinking a sound and playing it on a piano.”

She talks about her recent single titled Pay Attention. She says, “Pay Attention is a song that does exactly what its title says and urges people to actually pay attention to one another. It is all about us paying attention to everything that makes our life worth the time.”

Her style of music, particularly her recent single comes across as undeniably unique and thought provoking. With a creatively put-together political message of peace, it appeals to humanity and nations to pay attention. According to her lyrics “…. respect life…why does freedom always come at a cost?”

Certainly, standing out from our modern generation of female Nigerian artists, Nissi is an artist to watch out for this year. She talks about an exciting year ahead for her brand Nissi Nation.

“I want to push the boundaries of my creativity and make an impact in others to do the same,” she says.

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  • Albert JB