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5 Minutes With Preppy Royale

11 April 2016   |   10:52 am

When Rick Ross commended shoe brand Preppy Royale on Instagram a couple of days ago, it generated a huge buzz. We met with the CEO of Preppy Royale Chinedu Uma for a brief interview.

Why did you start the brand?

Preppy ROYALE started because I wanted to show the world the gift I hard inside, more like share my gift with the world.

Why shoes? What is the inspiration behind you shoes?

Growing up I didn’t have enough shoes, plus most of what I got where either replica brands or fairly used, with that I had ideas running through my head as a teen and developed big dreams.

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How is it running a shoe business in Nigeria?

It’s quite challenging because you have to be creative to be number one but tough because our quality materials are limited and always running on generators to meet orders deadline.

When Rick Ross commended you, how did it make you feel? And how has it affected your business so far?

(lol)… #futurebright! After I saw it I felt like it was a joke but after I confirmed the IG account I felt like I had been “CROWNED”, almost everything has changed, I have more credibility, audience and boost for me to step up.

Who in the industry would you like to work with?

LÒLÚ & Cesare Paciotti

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Where do you see your brand in 5-10 years?

Flooding Paris fashion Week, London Fashion Week, being styled in Hollywood movies.

What’s the favorite thing about what you do?

Having to smile while working cause of the love of fashion and being paid for it.

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Who is the Preppy Royale client?

Stylish men. Gentlemen. Elites.

Any plans to expand to bags/clothes etc?

Bags yes, cloths no for now but hopefully casual t-shirts for ladies.

Final words.

Never fix a price for your product more than it’s worth, never give up for time brings about expertise in one’s field and above all pay attention to detailing.

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