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National Siblings Day: Will You Celebrate Your Sibling?

By Njideka Agbo 11 April 2018   |   3:59 pm

Long before greed and lies laid its claim on the earth, four creations (a man, a woman and their twins) lived in Utopia, a land filled with the goodness and pure love.

On a planet nearby lived a man whose face had scars and his hair made of fire and smoke. He hated the creations in Utopia and wanted to cause the destruction of utopia.

He thought of what to do while going green with envy until one day, he sent his faithful servant, the serpent. Now, you see, the slithering serpent was a smooth-talker and loved by the creations.

Knowing that the creations believed that every animal and creature is her sibling, he convinced her to eat an apple. One bite and evil was unleashed on the face of the earth. One of the twins was murdered by his other half and only sibling.

From that moment on, darkness ruled the world (or not).

Enough of the conspiracy story

Siblings can be hot and cold. There are times when the love you have for them overwhelms you and there are times when you doubt if you really have the same parents. However, one thing is certain, you become thankful for them with each passing day.

Siblings can sometimes be used as a loose term because there are some friends that have turned brothers and even closer.

The 11th of April is recognized as the National Siblings Day. The National Siblings Day recognizes the importance of family especially siblings. It takes after the Father’s and Mother’s Day.

What began as a small celebration in the United States has spread across different continents. It is a day set aside for siblings to set aside whatever issues they have and come together as one force. This force can be their parents (just be sure you don’t get grounded).

So today, join the rest of the world and organise a feast in appreciation of your siblings.

If you are an only child, you have the opportunity to adopt a sibling.

Happy Siblings Day everyone.

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