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The Theory Of Age Difference In A Relationship

20 November 2015   |   11:34 am

I am going to try to keep this as short as possible because it’s quite a sensitive topic and I don’t want to drag on it.

Age might not just be a number and here is why I say so – it is most often than not the vehicle by which we experience common milestones as humans in life. These milestones which we usually call experiences, give us the ability to relate to one another.

Age is a fairly accurate measurement that describes where we have been and what is left in front of us. It tells you what you may have in common with someone” – Marie Claire.

To be honest and from experience, all it takes is to know what rocks your boat. What are the things you’re attracted to, understand them and your partner as the case may be and confirm that you two are on the same page and in agreement with these things before taking the bold step. You don’t want to waste your time or his/her time.

Extreme age discrepancy should spell doom for just beginning relationships. 3-5 years difference is what most couples have right? Who set the limits? You? God? Society? We are happy to tell you that it’s the society. And this age difference is only the norm set aside for you to follow. Who says you must fit into the standards? No one will sit in the relationship with you. After all nearly half of those couples with the “ideal” age difference. who tied the knot recently want out. And many of such cases will come up in the future.

That you want to break out of the age trend and be with someone far older or younger than yourself (10-20 years difference) won’t win you many supporters. Friends and family might/might not frown at it, but this is all you need to know – look for someone with common interests and make sure you are ready. The opinions are for you and your partner to form. You two should be the ones to decide how far and how high your relationship will go. Decide what works for two of you and don’t ask for anyone’s contribution. Your happiness, peace, purpose/fulfillment and security should always be priority.

Is he in his late 30s and you in your early 20s but he sweeps you off your feet in the most amazing and genuine ways ever, has a transparent heart and wishes you well? Please if your heart wants a go, give it a go.

Is she 10 years older or younger than yourself and you see that you are attracted, not bored and deep down in your heart you are comfortable with the idea, because you know that it might not be the best of relationships out there, neither is it the worst of them all, but it makes you feel like heaven, then stick with it.

Nothing will ever stop people from talking. A 15 year old age difference is not the average they expect and neither is a six, trust us.

Just to make you feel better and atleast let you know that you are not alone on this ship, the much adored Joke Silva and husband Olu Jacobs aren’t age mates. As a matter of truth, there is a 19 year age gap between the couple, but they love each other in so many ways that you can’t comprehend. 30 years in marriage and still counting.


Another couple we admire a whole lot is Omotola and her Captain husband Matthew Ekeinde. Would have loved to leave you guessing the age difference but we will nicely save you the stress. It’s a decade! 10 fine years between them and are they glowing in happiness and love? Yes they are, if not we won’t be using them as a reference couple. Next year they will be 20 years in marriage and they look like they have over 50 more years to go.


Finally the big truth is age is never a factor of compatibility, it’s maturity, experiences and ‘beautiful’ distractions that team up and determine the long-term potential.

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