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Today On Twitter: To Wash Or Not To Wash

By Chidirim Ndeche 24 August 2017   |   1:55 pm

Someone recently posted a video on Twitter where a woman, who had left her husband for a week, came home and met maggots in their home. He had not done the dishes since she left the house.

Be mindful though, it’s quite a disgusting video so don’t watch it while eating.

This video has evoked different opinions from men and women alike.

Some people insulted the man and called him a pig.

Others insulted the woman for putting the video on social media.

But did she really intend for the video to be shared on social media?

Some believed that she knew who she married, so she didn’t need to act surprised.

Some women said they would leave their husband if he tried that.

Some told the woman to clean up, feeling that it was her duty.

And there were others…

What are your thoughts? Whose duty is it to ensure that the house is always clean and tidy? Who is at fault: the “pig” or his wife who took the matter outside their home?

Kindly share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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