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Summer Essentials for the Traveller

By Chidera Muoka 10 July 2017   |   12:40 pm

In as much as we are aware of the fragile state of the economy, we can bet our naira on the fact that many people will be travelling to take the much-needed break from the craziness that is Nigeria to an ideal summer destination of their choice. If you happen to fall in that category it means you want to truly experience the destination and come back looking like #summergoals. To do that, you need the following essentials to make your summer truly worth it.



Nothing screams tourist like a camera hanging from your neck. It is rewarding to have images of places you’ve visited and your phone camera won’t cut it. You’d need something much professional and casual to give you a variety of options when it comes to capturing that moment, statue, street or just the general essence of the destination. While choosing this camera, you have to think of something that’s portable and stylish so it doesn’t cramp on your summer swag. Try the Sony Alpha a5100 which is portable, has good colours, videos in HD, takes up to 400 pictures with a full battery and best of all can send pictures instantly to your phone to post online.

Sun Screen

There’s a myth that black people do not need sunscreen and that is all it really is, a myth! You will be out and about as we imagine you don’t plan to spend your holiday indoors and therefore you need to be protected. When looking for sunscreen you have to look for one which hydrates your skin while making sure you are not a victim of sunburn. You can use the Sebamed Sun Care Multiprotection 50 sunscreen which helps to protect against sun-induced pigmentation marks, signs of premature ageing. It is also water and sweat resistant up to six hours, sand resistant, it’s easily applied, oil-free, non-greasy and does not leave white residues as well as oil free.






Hello Mr! We see you trying to skip this buy but you really do need it as much as your lady does. Although toners initially came into the market as the skincare routine to maintain clear and healthy skin as well as restore pH balance, it is intensely useful during the summer as it comes in handy to combat breakouts caused from summer day sweat, sunblock and dirt clogging our pores or a combo of all three. Our skin also tends to be more oily during sticky summer days so you’d need a toner to make sure that your skin actually looks better than when you left the country. Try the Clarins Toning Lotion With Iris.


Cleansing Wipes

The importance of cleansing wipes cannot be overemphasised especially when you’d be travelling with kids. From cleansing in the plane when it gets sticky to making sure your kids are not picking up germs and specks of dirt, to cleaning your skin to hydrating and nourishing your skin on the go. Aside from during your travel, they are also essential at home and when you’re on the go at your travel destination due to the special alcohol and paraben-free formula, which will effortlessly remove waterproof make-up, dirt and all effectively without drying out your skin. Seeing as your holiday will involve trips here and there we advise that it should never leave your sight. You can use the Clearasil Deep Cleansing Wipes.


Summer Scent

You really don’t want to be the tourist with the strong scent that goes against all that is soft and easy about the summer weather. Drop your regular scent in your travel box and opt for something unique with a hint of citrus and you’re basically cool for the summer! The trick is to go with a scent that is easy on the nostrils whilst making sure you smell good most of the day. For men, you can try out the Narciso Rodriguez For Him Bleu Noir Eau de Toilette and for ladies, the trusted Victoria’s Secret in Very Sexy Now Eau de Parfum.


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