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Kaptain Kush… Harmonies Made In The LAB

By Chinonso Ihekire 25 July 2020   |   4:18 am


When the COVID-19 pandemic reached Nigerian shores, it affected sectors and brands, including the Afro-Pop brand sensation, Lawrence Kingsley, otherwise known as Kaptain Kush.

However, like other norm-defiant artistes, the Lagos-born singer has churned out his best addition to his discography. So far, a seven track extended playlist titled Love and Breakup (LAB) is good to go.

“Love and Breakup are two inevitabilities in life humans must accept and anticipate as they will occur either as a blessing or a lesson,” the singer said, as he explained the inspiration behind the work.

Like every listener would discover, he envisions the playlist as a project that “would outlive him.”

The playlist is typically a love sound-piece, with messages on heartbreak, forgiveness, affection, intimacy, commitment and other related messages.

It houses a professional sound appeal that boasts of good sound engineering and track-listing.

Apart from having a creative production team and A&R, Kaptain Kush remarks that his musical quality is largely to personal effort and hardwork.

“I discovered my love for music at an extremely young age, but I also taught myself that talent is not enough.

“A lot of work was put into brushing myself up and getting the right resources that would prepare me for the tedious task of competing and gaining a ground for himself in an industry that has proven to not be for the faint at heart. It is a general ideology that a great deal of resources is needed to promote a music brand properly and that is why a lot of up and coming artistes are being pushed back by their own mentality and let raw talent go to waste,” he said.

Apart from being an energetic entertainer and stage performer, Kaptain Kush expresses his entrepreneurial talents in blogging, brand influencing, real estate and business investment.

He narrated that his musical career started at a very tender age, citing his environment as a key influence.

“I was influenced by my environment. I found that music was touching the lives of people around my community. My vision has been to see the world happy and to bring positive change and touch around the world.”

He released his first song dubbed Kush Song, and then followed up with Omalicha (featuring Alaye Proof) and then Heart Robber, which has continued to gather streaming numbers.

His musical future can, perhaps, be best expressed in his own words: “I am here to stay.”

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