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Juliet Ibrahim Slams TV Presenter For Asking Her To Reunite With Ex-husband

By Akinwale Akinyoade 21 August 2019   |   3:40 pm

Multiple award-winning Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim is blowing hot after a Ghanaian on-air-personality advised her to go back to her x-husband Kwadwo Safor and stop waiting for a Mr Right.

Ibrahim married Safor in 2010 but the marriage was dissolved in 2014 on grounds of infidelity and Ibrahim has since seemingly moved on.

In reaction to what Ibrahim considers an offensive advise, the screen star slammed the OAP as a featherless chicken and called her ‘akukor perming’ which when translated means a chicken with permed hair.

Taking to her Instagram page to slam both the presenter and TV Africa for tolerating such utterances from ‘presenters who didn’t research’ before coming up on their show.

In her rant against the presenter, Ibrahim said she wasn’t aware of her before the video was posted on TV Africa’s page and that it is obvious the OAP simply wants to use her name for clout and media trend. Ibrahim further questioned that since the OAP knows better about marriages why isn’t she herself married.

Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim | Photo – News of Africa

She added that she went through enough with her ex who allegedly impregnated another woman while they were married and has since moved on with his mistress. Ibrahim then went on to call the OAP a clown as she says she (Ibrahim) is not a desperate woman and will never lower her standards for anyone because she knows she deserves better and as such will never settle.

She advised the OAP to go be Safo’s mistress since she obviously has no self-value or self-worth.   Ibrahim rounded up her rant by advising that before talking about other people’s lives, it is better to walk in their shoes. She also advised that if her former marriage has to be a topic of conversation then it is best that her book, A Toast To Life, be bought and read to properly understand why she left her ex-husband and ex-boyfriend, Iceberg Slim.

It would be recalled that Ibrahim’s ex-boyfriend, Iceberg Slim took to social media to apologise to her for cheating on her and disrespecting her while they were together. According to him, he decided to make the apology public because it is needed for his healing process. Prior to his apology, their breakup was messy with allegations of infidelity thrown around and fed on by the media.

We also reported earlier that in a recent interview, Ibrahim revealed that she would only act in the nude for a Hollywood film while saying her dream film will be to star in a Tyler Perry film.

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