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How To Prevent Toilet Infection

By Damilola Dimeji-Ajayi 02 November 2018   |   12:02 pm

Toilet infections are generally uncomfortable for both male and female which often displays symptoms like itching, pain on urination, bad odour and general discomfort in the private area.

Some harmful habits like squatting when urinating, wrong method of cleaning the anus after defecating, vagina douching, use of perfumes on the private area, use of dirty toilets and use of wet underwear may predispose a person to toilet infection.

Although, most people find treating toilet infections quite embarrassing; it is important to treat its early so it does not snowball into another issue that will affect one’s sexual health.

Below are helpful tips to prevent toilet infections:

Stop Vaginal Douching


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Do not use medicated soap, antiseptics or salt to wash your private area has it causes harm to the bacteria living in the vagina. Only use water to clean up while bathing.

Always Change Your Underwear


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It is advisable to change your underwear twice or whenever you’ve sweat much. Ensure your underwear is always dry.

Ensure You Stand Or Just Bend While Urinating

Public toilet

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When you stand or bend when urinating, it helps to prevent infection by avoiding urine splashing on you. It is advisable to adopt this position, especially when using a public toilet.

Do Not Share Underwears


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Never share your underwears with anyone as you do not know their sexual history and hygiene, hence, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Do Not Use Perfumes On The Sex Organ


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Stop the use of perfume or scented soap on the vagina as it changes the chemical balance which can predispose a person to toilet infections.


Avoid Injury On The Sex Organ

First aid

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Be careful not to injure yourself around your private area has a break in the skin due to injury will predispose one to infections.

It is better to be proactive about protecting your sexual health in order to avoid toilet infections.

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