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Healthy Known Foods For Your Lungs, Liver, Heart And Kidney

By Winner Onyinye 13 June 2021   |   9:13 am

Avocado and tomato salad. Photo Dinner at the Zoo

Your vital organs are those you need to survive, and they can easily become life-threatening if any problem occurs. You cannot live without these organs, but in cases where one kidney or lungs has gone bad, you can live without one of the pair.

This article looks at some of these organs, foods to make them healthy and functional and the harmful practices to avoid.

Your lungs work hand in hand with the heart to oxygenate blood by filtering the air you breathe, removing excess carbon dioxide and exchanging it for oxygen. The lungs are an excellent resource for making stable the pH within the human body.

The lungs moderate the carbon dioxide concentration in the body. As such, when there is a “reduced lung function”, it means that the ability of the lungs to exchange gas is reduced and requires immediate attention.

Foods That Your Lungs Will Love You For
Foods with spicy flavours and soothing textures are best for lung detoxification.

Some of these are:
– Tumeric
– Thyme
– Mustard
– Cayenne pepper
– Whole-wheat bread
– Whole-wheat pasta
– Oats

This is the most important organ for metabolism, including anabolism and catabolism. While converting nutrients into usable substance, it filters the blood. The liver also plays a major role in digestion and helps in regulating hormones.

Foods That Your Liver Will Love You For
The liver requires green leafy vegetables for blood supply including:
– Cabbage
– Broccoli
– Garlic
– Beet
– Salads
– Lemon juice
– Green apples

Others are:
– Coffee
– Avocado
– Fish
– Walnuts

Berries. | Image: Verywell Fit

The heart is the most important organ for the circulatory system. It works with the lungs to add oxygen to the blood and pumps oxygenated blood around the body through the blood vessels. Medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and smoking contribute to heart-related issues yearly.

Foods That Your Heart Will Love You For
– Beans
– Fish and fish oil
– Berries and Avocados
– Walnut
– Dark chocolates
– Green Leafy vegetables including Spinach, Kale and Whole grains

This is the detoxification organ that filters blood and removes waste. The organ which produces urine ensures the stability of the pH within the human body. It also helps in hormonal regulation and proper digestion.

Foods That Your Heart Will Love You For
– Parsley
– Green tea
– Fish oil
– Dark chocolate
– Tomatoes
– Almonds
– Olive Oil

Harmful Practice to the Lungs, Liver, Heart and Kidney to Avoid

The most common harmful practice above all others that affect your lungs, liver, Heart and Kidney is Smoking.

Smoking makes cancers more likely to occur. Some cancers that it triggers are the cancer of the mouth, bladder, pancreas, stomach, colon and rectum. It is also the major cause of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Smoking can cause kidney cancer, and damage your heart, leading to poor blood flow to the body.

Remember the slogan, “Smokers are liable to die young”? 99.9 per cent of persons who smoke are clearly aware of the dangers and damages it can cause to their vital organs; psychological effects, physical deformation, general dysfunctions and the fact that they are liable to die young. Yet the question remains – Why do people smoke?

If you are not a smoker, do not pick up the habit. If you smoke, consider quitting to protect your vital organs. With the help of a doctor, set a date to quit, you can start with nicotine gums, join a support group and find a method that is most suitable for you.

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