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Five Weird Fashion Trends

By Urenna Ukiwe 30 October 2018   |   2:06 pm

Designers are constantly trying to showcase eccentric designs on the runway that sometimes become a trend. Some of them in earlier times would have drawn disapproving stares and raised eyebrows, but they always push the limit.

Here are weird funny fashion trends that you might not try no matter how much of a fashionista you are.

Butt ripped jeans

Butt Ripped Jeans. Photo: Pinterest

Some conservative people will ask, why will I buy torn clothes? But people are buying ripped jeans and some of these designs will make your bank account weep. But butt ripped jeans take the ripped jeans trend to a whole new level.

Men’s lace blouse

Men’s Lace Shirt. Photo: Instagram

Lace blouses are chic on women and a trend that most abide by but men’s lace blouse (Not the African lace you might see at an Owambe) will surely draw a few stares or giggle. This is the unisex age but a lace blouse on a man?

Denim thigh high boots

Denim Thigh High Boots. Photo: Instagram

Some stars have rocked this but it just seemed like someone just turned their jeans into shoes because they couldn’t fit anymore.

Taxidermied Baby alligator handbag

Taxidermied Baby Alligator handbag. Photo: Instagram

This is just frightening and looks like there is a reptile stuck to the bag. The good thing is it will scare
superstitious pickpockets who will think you are out to get them. This bag although scary is very expensive.

Latex Socks

Latex Socks. Photo: Pinterest

We all know about latex shoes, handbags and other outfits but we should really draw the line on latex socks. Not only do we imagine they’d be highly uncomfortable to have on but we don’t want to be around the wearer when they take it off.

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