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First Impressions: ‘One Dance’ – Drake ft Wizkid and Kyla

06 April 2016   |   11:18 am

So, apparently Drake dropped two surprise singles yesterday. I say ‘surprise’ mostly because of one of the singles which features Nigeria’s very own Wizkid. No one had any idea that the young star was working on any international collaborations so Drake’s tweet about ‘One Dance’ being available for download on iTunes definitely caught everyone unaware.

After having listened to the song, it’s now clear why there were no whispers of a collaboration of any sort.

Wizkid is arguably one of Nigeria’s most talented artists – even though he has had his less than great moments. Yes, we did foresee a proper collaboration between the two musical giants after the ‘Ojuelegba’ remix, but it now appears we might have had our expectations set a little bit too high.

On First Listen of ‘One Dance’

I admire the fact that they tried to give the song a sort of Nigerian appeal. I only assume this because Drake sounds a little bit like an igbo merchant and the instrumentals sound like they can’t decide between dance hall rhythm and the usual pop mix. Is it a song that you can dance to? I’m sure some of our trusted DJs will be able to make it work, but I will be sitting this song out.

In all honesty, Wizkid’s verse –  if you can call it that – seemed to be put on as an afterthought. And I’m still trying to wrap my head around a logical reason why Wizkid is whispering on the song. Is that the point? Is it some ploy to get multiple replays as people will be forced to listen to the song repeatedly in order for his part to be at least a little bit coherent? I was very disappointed especially as I know Wizkid could have done much more with what he was given. On the plus side, he still has the royalties from the song to look forward to.

But this is just one honest writer’s opinion. You can download and listen to One Dance and let us know what you think.

Download One Dance – Drake ft. Wizkid & Kayla

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  • Daniel Otabor

    And he killed the chorus though. Would have been better if we were left in suspense just to find out who took that part instead of saying feature Wizkid and we got that. But in all positivity, it was a great mix.