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Exclusive Picks: Best Looks From The Runway #HeinekenLFDW2015 Day 4

04 November 2015   |   4:15 pm

Closing the show, expectations were high on the pieces to be presented by the designers. One of the most memorable sets was April by Kunbi, with the James bond themed collection, and the little performance towards the end of the set kept the crowd waiting for more.

This day had so much expectation from designers and the audience, it would have been better with a switch, if the designers for the finale were carefully selected, then the last day would have been awesome.

Still, we enjoyed some pieces and it is our pleasure to share to you, the collections that made us happy at the #HeinekenLFDW2015 .

April by Kunbi

Small but mighty, this designer had the crowd ready from her entrance song, the popular James Bond soundtrack and the finishing and awesome tailoring for each outfit was simply breath taking. The change from a gown with a train, to simple evening dress to a lingerie, would tell you that no ordinary tailor or designer can pull it off like she did.



Weizdhurm Franklyn

Once you get familiar with the fashion industry, you realize that fabrics, patterns, designs,cuts and finishing are the essentials of a good outfit. Weizdhurm definitely delivered on all five. The fabric kept us and his designs were not the usual, definitely would leave you dazzled.

weiz-lifemag weiz2-lifemag

T.I Nathan

He definitely had a story to tell with this collection, and each model, each design and the theme song delivered on that story. Heartbreak!! We fell in love with this collection because of the story behind it.

nathan-lifemag nathan2-lifemag

Photo Credit Insigna Media

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