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Exclusive Picks: Best Looks From The Runway #HeinekenLFDW2015 Day 3

03 November 2015   |   12:44 pm

After the frenzy outside, the hall is quiet in anticipation, ‘What designs would our favourite designers bring’ ‘Who would have an awesome section?’ and the list is endless.

The truth is that, when the light comes up and the first model struts the runway, everybody begins to imagine themselves in the piece they love.

Unfortunately, not every designer would make you feel like that, but these designers did it for us.

Andrea Inyama

Known popular for her swimwear line, it was interesting watching her set and her sister Somkele definiteley killed it by ending the show in her hot post baby body.

inyama2-lifemag inyama-lifemag


Her fabrics just spoke of royalty and her finishing was awesome. Mostly this collection was great because the fabrics and finishing on the designs made them stand out.

dzyn-lifemag dzyn2-lifemag

Kelechi Odu

Simplicity in the rarest form is what you get from the collection presented by Kelechi Odu. The collection in totality was matured, stylish and modern. The colours, the fit and the styling made this collection our best men collection on day 3.

kelechi1-lifemag kelechi2-lifemag


Titi Bello

This collection is sexy but chic. Looks like designer Titi Bello finally made her stand point on the aesthetics of her designs with this collection and we loved it. From the first model that stepped on the runway, she kept us glued till the last model stepped off the stage.

titi-lifemag titi2-lifemag

Toju Foye

She had our hearts with the roses, her name came on screen and the crowd went ballistics, just anticipating and she stood true to her ovation. Every dress was made for a princess. The accessories, as we know it, is everything.

toju2-lifemag toju-lifemag

Photo Credit: Insigna Media

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