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Exclusive Picks: Best Looks From The Runway #HeinekenLFDW2015 Day 2

02 November 2015   |   5:33 pm

If you missed out on one of the biggest shows in Nigeria, we have our breakdown of what went down at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week, from street style, to red carpet and finally the runway.

Day 2 of the #HeinekenLFDW2015 had more designers that kept us at the edge of our chairs, just waiting to see the collections they would share with us.

We would be sharing exclusive picks of designers that blew our minds on the runway.

Starting with……………………………..

Ejiro Amos Tafiri

The beauty that is Ejiro Amos Tafiri, the flawless finish, the lovely fabric, the perfect fit and that eagle eye attention to detail. We loved this collection from the first model that stepped in the runway.

ejiro-lifemag ejiro2-lifemag


Chechi Arinze

The first Fashion Focus finalist to make it to our exclusive pick list. We love how she reminded us of what it felt to be feminine, free, and stylish. Nothing says ‘I’m a girl and I like pink‘ like the head pieces worn by all her models.

chechiarinze-lifemag chechiarinze2-lifemag


Mother nature was clearly present in all of Moofa’s design.Talk about the legendary ‘Butterfly gown’. This collection draws inspiration from the very elements of nature. Dream world turned ti fabric was definitely the ultimate reaction gotten from the Moofa collection.

moofa-lifemag moofa3-lifemag

Maki Oh

OMG!! Maki Oh literally closed the show, you know we talked in a previous post on her expose by vogue, well well, the pieces were so much better in person.

Let the pictures on the models do the talking.



Photo Credit: Insigna Media

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