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AWCA Event: The Memory Project Nigeria

16 December 2015   |   9:40 am

AWCA presents another classic event. Family and friends gathered for mouthwatering dishes and also interesting conversations about ‘The Memory Project Nigeria’. It is an oral and visual history project developed Nsibidi Institute to archive Nigerian history through the people’s voices.


They are working towards creating an accessible resource base of stories about Nigeria. Nsibidi Institute plans to fill gaps in the history of Nigeria and create a memory bank that everyone can access.


Nsibidi Institute encouraged the audience and dignitaries at the event to pick someone over 50 years that has an interesting story to share, they should get a quiet and well-lit place, pick a question and try not to interrupt as they answer, the interviewee responses should be recorded on camera or smartphones. The camera or smartphone should be placed horizontally, one question should be per clip.



The videos should be sent to info@thememoryprojectng.org

The event promotes Nigerian rich culture and history for future generation.



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