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Dress Up Tips For The 2017 COPA Beach Soccer Tournament

By Njideka Agbo 07 December 2017   |   7:00 am

If you are a lover of the beach or you hope to visit soon, then the plans for your beach trip is about to get more interesting.

The annual global beach soccer tournament, COPA Lagos Beach Soccer, is set to hold from the 8th to the 10th of December at the Eko Atlantic City in Lagos. The international event, which will last three days, will feature beach soccer, a fashion event and music by popular artistes to thrill attendees.


If you are anticipating this event, these are essential beach fashion tips you should not ignore no matter what style you want to be identified with:

Light Fabric
Your fabric is as important as the trip to the beach itself. Always opt for light fabrics if your aim is to be as comfortable as you can get. Pro-Tip: Although cotton is naturally the most acceptable fabric, the open secret fabric to wear to the beach is linen. Why? Linen can absorb up to 20% more water before it begins to feel damp than cotton. More so, whether you are chanting songs of victory for your team or dancing to the rhythm of your favourite music, these breathable fabrics will help absorb moisture. This does not mean that you cannot pair it up with or choose any other fabric of your choice.

Light and Breathable Fabric For The Beach

Fun Print
Beach outfits, whether it a T-shirt, an accessory, a maxi dress, shorts, a top or a kimono, can be as bright as the sun or as colourful as a child’s playground. Get playful with tropical colours, tie and dye and everything fun.

Pattern Dress Suitable For The Beach

Avoid Pointed Heels
If you sometimes get tired of wearing shoes and want your feet to breathe and you feel like the child inside of you wants to play in the sand by the seashore, this is the place for you. Still yet, if you are a sock lover, what other better place could there be than the beach to flaunt it? However, if you don’t subscribe to the two, you could just wear beach slippers or sandals. Whatever you do, avoid pointed heels. This can be very uncomfortable and inconvenient unless you want to hang it on your fingers and walk barefoot. Instead, opt for wedges if you must.


Wear Straw Hats
The beach is where you can wear this fashionable statement without looking like you are trying too hard to fit in. If you want to add more glamour to your style, you can wear this and accessorize in a DIY fashion. Did you know there are packable straw hats too?

Straw Hat On A Beautiful Beach Outfit

Beach bag or waist pouch
Nigerians just love to carry stuff and this is acceptable at the beach (depending on how much stuff there is). If you are a load lover, you should get a beach bag; if you are a light carrier, a waist pouch would do just fine. Regardless of whether or not you plan on playing in the water, you should consider carrying a waterproof waist pouch.

Beach BackPack

Now you that you have gotten your beach vibe. Have a beautiful time at the event.

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