Siblings reject Olatoso as Celestial Church’s new leader

Olatoso Matthew Oshoffa

Olatoso Matthew Oshoffa

Those who expect the leadership crisis rocking the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) Worldwide to end with the recent emergence of Olatoso Matthew Oshoffa as the new spiritual head may be disappointed as he was yesterday rejected by other children of the late founder, Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa.

The siblings, who are apparently loyal to the embattled leader of the church, Emmanuel Mobiyina Oshoffa, said Olatoso, who is the 20th child of the founder, was neither a consensus candidate nor consecrated for the office.

Last week Monday in Lagos, Olatoso was presented as the new spiritual head of the church, to replace his elder brother, Emmanuel Mobiyina, who was ordered to vacate the seat by an Ilaro High Court, Ogun State in March 2015. Olatoso, 46, claimed that his candidacy was by divine revelation and already endorsed by the Oshoffa family.

But in a reaction at the Family House in Lagos, the family, made up of three wives of the late founder, nine children and some grandchildren, said Olatoso’s emergence was an act of rebellion orchestrated by some self-serving elders in the church.

The second child of the founder and spokesman of the Oshoffa dynasty, Ebenezer, told reporters that Olatoso’s “self-proclamation” was “a fallacy.” He said an appeal has been filed against the court order that removed Emmanuel and it is billed for hearing soon.

Ebenezer, who is in his 60s, said the Oshoffa family had always avoided interfering in the affairs of the church, but it had become imperative and a matter of urgency for them to speak out as a family. According to him, the recent twist in the leadership tussle in the church was unfortunately and personal to them “because our son and brother, Senior Evangelist Olatoso Oshoffa, is involved.” He noted that though the genesis of the problem was not unconnected with the court judgment, the crisis has been grossly mismanaged.

Allotting blames, Ebenezer said: ”Some unscrupulous, self-centred elders of the church who found an avenue for vendetta installed Olatoso Oshoffa with a lot of unwarranted and untrue fallacies.

“It should be known that the family did the best it could to stop recent happenings. We held meetings and our purpose was for peace and stability of the church.

The final meeting was held at the Oba of Imeko’s palace and the decision was an indivisible church and Oshoffa family. Olatoso was, amongst other things, asked to retrace his steps as rebellion is an act against men and God,” he said.

According to Ebenezer, Olatoso remains a bonafide member of the family that is calling on him to return as “a prodigal son.”

The spokesman declared that the family did not give their support to Olatoso’s leadership bid. ”Our loyalty remains with Rev. Emmanuel Mobiyina Oshoffa. No one can infiltrate and disrupt the peace our father sacrificed so much for. Our dream of a unified CCC, the heritage of our late father, Rev. Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa, who is to us a hero, supersedes any other ambition of any individual,” he said.

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  • Keneri

    Will CCC ever be one? I doubt, because there are so many crazy-factions who are only after their personal self interests. The so-called Leaders are running after RANKS(“Oye” in Yoruba language), they are so shameless idiots. Clueless, vision-less, myopic leaders; the only things that matters to them are; RANKS, SITTING POSITIONS, WHO IS QUALIFY TO PREACH, all the so-called EXTANT RULES (“ILANA” in Yoruba language) are now IDENAS. I am proud to be a Celestian but ashamed of all these useless leaders, you cannot trust them with your wife even with your little daughter. You can hardly find a Celestial Shepherd with only one wife and if you do, he most have married several times before with many untrained children from different women. Take your family matter or any other matter to them for settlement, you will be amazed with their judgment; a man took the little misunderstanding between him and his wife to the shepherd for settlement and the shepherd said “is your fault, if you had married a second wife she would not have done all that nonsense”

    Redeem Christian Church of God was founded by one Pastor Fadayomi, according to history, Fadayomi had many wives withe many children, he would not allow serious dancing in the Church during his time but after his death and Pastor Adeboye took over, look at the wonderful performances of Pastor Adeboye; one man-one wife, Redemption Camp at Lagos/Ibadan Expressway, Redeemer University, the growth of Redeem Church wordwide by number of parishes, Crusades and annual festival at the Redemption Camps both in Lagos and Abuja. In Celestial Church, reverse is the case. Many years after the Death of Papa Oschoffa, not a single improvement, nothing change. Today, Celestial Church of Christ is the most backward or stagnant church in the world; “the same old song” no reformation of any kind, anything that would be change and move the Church forward if tag “kosi ninu ilana” (not in tangent with church doctrine). Today we have MOTHER-IN-CELESTIAL, MOST SUPERIOR EVANGELIST, very soon we shall have MOST SUPERIOR JESUS and MOTHER-IN-VIRGIN MARY. Shxxxxt

    At times, it’s difficult to differentiate between celestial prophets/shepherd and babalawo especially those of Egun origin, from Badagry and republic of Benin. Yet, the most surprising thing to me is that, there are so many highly educated and influential people in the church; Governors, Senators, Ministers, Commissioners, Captains of Industries, Generals in the Armed Forces even former Accountant General of the Federation. It beats my imagination. W O N D E R FU L…