Senator blames pro-Biafra protests on worsening economy

BiafraTHE, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP ) representing Imo North, Senator Athan N. Achonu has attributed the on-going agitation for the realization of Biafran state on worsening economic situation in the country.

The senator, who spoke over the weekend also urged the Federal Government to tackle unemployment rather than the promised N5,000 monthly stipend, stressing that such palliative was not the solution to economic problems neither was it feasible considering the huge number of He, stressed that if the people, especially youths were gainfully employed, they would not have resorted to street protest.

“ If these men agitating for the state of Biafra are gainfully employed, they will not be in the streets protesting. There is hunger in the land and the government should do all it can to address the socio-economic challenges confronting the nation”, Achonu stated.
He continued: “ Only a few people are making a living.

The unemployment rate is too high. The government has to tackle unemployment and get the youths fully engaged and pay them the salary.

“There are people in Imo state that are owed seven months in pay.

These are people that have families and they eat food. Their children go to school as well. Why would such people not resort to kidnapping or other forms of crime?

“I also strongly believe the Federal Government should have a rethink on the promised N5,000 allowance per month because it is not the solution.

“If the government adds up that money in a year, it can build industries that would guarantee permanent employment for thousands of people. It is not a good policy and I do not know who emerged with it”, he said.

Achonu who is also the Vice Chairman, Committee on Banking, expressed the need for banks to ensure depositors’ funds are saved with the introduction of BCN.

According to him, there have been several complaints on the BVN and other issues , pointing out that the committee would deliberate on them as time progressed.

“Banks through Internet banking are open to fraud, but there are security measures adopted by banks to protect themselves. So, we have to look at whether the customers are also protected.

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  • Proud Yoruba

    Why doesn’t he give them 5,000 per month from his constituency allowance? FG can’t do everything, what about your local govt and state givt, what are they doing?

    Anyways ibo sociopath will never stop agitating, it is their nature!

    • Chukwuemeka Ejichukwu

      Fool BIG FOOL, you are just a fool


        Think before you write. The problem is the Politicians creating states who cannot sustain themselves but only waiting for allocations from Federal. States to pay workers. States needs to employ workers they can pay and remove ghost workers. I can tell you thousands on payroll in states and local governments are ghost workers with people incharge collecting their pays.

    • Fuzio

      Igbos don’t like handouts. It appears that you cannot understand simple English. Use the 5,000 to build factories to that people can earn a real living instead of depending on handouts that have destroyed the Federal system Nigeria pretends to be practicing. The guy is advising the Federal government to shelve the idea, if I must translate it for you, thick head.

      • CHILONS

        And after a while you people from the east will complain that the factory have been dominated by other sections.then you will start to demonstrate. What are ur governors doing in southeast? They should employ some of the youths.

        • Fuzio

          We have always displaced you people through hard work and superior intellect in any industry where the government has no control. Look around. You guys only excel in the areas where the government determines winners and losers. That was how for instance an ordinary tailor (seamstress) emerged as the richest black woman on the planet after sleeping with a maximum ruler.

          • CHILONS

            If You want to bost of superiority not with the Yorubas. More than ten banks in nigeria have Yorubas M.D. are newspapers own by government? Same in tv and radio. Go to S/s Yorubas are the’re in the oil and gas.Mobil and LNG M.D. are yorubas.for more education go and goggle the best university in NIgeria are always in S/w the lecturals are Yorubas . That is intellectual superiority over there couterpart in the east. Soyinka.fela.fashola.and God even bless us with pastor kumuyi and adeboye. Praise God

          • Fuzio

            As I said before, you guys are only excelling in areas where the government decides winners and losers. That is why you guys like government so much and scoff at any idea of getting government out of the private sector completely. We have never complained about the domination of any sector of the economy by your people. We have never seen you as a threat and that is why we don’t care about those positions. We will displace them tomorrow in a free and fair environment. At the end of Obasanjo’s bank consolidation exercise, your people were chairmen or MD of more than 80% of the surviving banks. It was so sectional that the Northerners cried foul and vowed to overturn it whenever the get the opportunity. Obasanjo childishly thought that that would be the master stroke that will give your people the control of the banks and ultimately the economy forever. Today, the situation is different. That percentage has come down significantly and go and find out who is displacing the favored people. It is not the Northerners. And they are doing it without any help from any government.

          • CHILONS

            You can go and goggle more fact about yoruba people in developed country where your people are fine as well but not better than any other tribe. Go and readwill Ben Bruce article written in this day newspaper on tribute to HID.
            you will envy Yorubas unless you are not biass. more so your reply is not consistent . Bcause banks are private sector. Anyway just do more research and you will get some fact . Boosting of displacing us tomorrow. Shows you are myopic. Yoruba will like to displace the white if possible.

          • Fuzio

            Go and read the ‘Ahiara Declaration’ by Ojukwu written more than 50 years ago. I do not need to read a tribute given to the wife of the perpetrator of genocide and war criminal.

          • CHILONS

            Now listen to ojukwu paying tribute to awolowo. He said this about Awo. THE BEST PRESIDENT NIGERIA NEVER HAD. that’s why am proud to be a yoruba man after listening to ojukwu (who wrote ahiara declarariatio himself) it means that ojukwu had defended baba awo.
            anyway don’t bother to read Ben Bruce because it won’t change your perspectives.

          • Fuzio

            He was mocking Awolowo in that tribute. Wise up man.

        • AGU

          handout is for lazy moron like you and your tribe. Ndigbo want their own country.

          • CHILONS

            Am proud to be from yoruba .as u are a proud igbo.but you cant reduce others , that’s my point .our sw mostly Lagos and ogun have increased their IGR 240b and 60b respectively. And that is not hand out.

          • AGU

            yoruba is a liability to ZOO country. yoruba economy is fraud and corruption

          • CHILONS

            Lagos just sent 150m to northeast last week and resque an igbowoman and six children when the husband took off .
            And you an ingrate after enjoying the free education in SW says we are liability. ?

          • CHILONS

            As liability. Lagos just sent 150m to northeast last week.
            Lagos just helped an igbo guy who ran away and left his wife and six children.

    • AGU

      proud chameleon the only yoruba economic contribution in Nigeria is fraud and corruption.

  • When we all thought that the People Democratic Party has been dead and buried, then Senator Achonu evoked the only
    voice of reason, of purpose, devoid of petulant name calling and finger-pointing. Senator Athan N. Achonu is a PDP representing Imo North. The Senator has eloquently attributed the on-going agitation for the realization of Biafra state on worsening economic situation in the country. The Senator is talking from a position of strength. Take a read: “There are people in Imo state that are owed seven months in pay’’ ‘Seven months in salary arrears’ Yes you got it right! What plausible reasons can a state government give to a workforce that after a full month that your wages and salaries are not forthcoming. We all know that in addition to the monthly Federal allocations, various state governors including Imo State have incurred enormous amount of internal debts that would take years to pay back. Where is all the dosh gone then and who has eaten all the pie? And the long suffering workers are expected in all honesty to keep their dry mouths shut or be banged in for blackmailing the government that has heartlessly impoverished them and turned so many lives upside down. As the Honourable Senator rightly said, these workers are men and women that have families to carter for, with majority travelling long distances to and from work, rents to pay and other social demands. The most disturbing aspect of salary arrears is that it transcends both public and private organisations. Millions of young school leavers are
    roaming the streets without any hope of jobs and what government can think about is N5, 000 allowances per month? What problem would that solve? As the Senator has unequivocally advised, the Federal Government should rethink this
    purposeless promise and geared their efforts instead to investing in companies that can give people jobs and better future. That is the solution and not a paltry N5, 000 per month that can’t even afford you a bottle mineral water.

  • oduduwa

    Lolzzzzzzzzzzzz…. i know what this man is doing. That was the same thing Buhari and co said when Boko Haram was ravaing everybody. Buhari said it was as a result of poverty and neglect of his people. Hahahahahahaha……..

  • Fuzio

    Senator, I seriously disagree with what you just said but will defend your right to say it. The day of reckoning will soon come and the people will decide whether you are looking out for them or for your self.

  • forestgee

    The N5000 is not for SE…the pattern of recent appointments should open your eyes to know that it’s for a section of the country. You will continue to see WONDERS with this “change”!