NFF may expel Enyeama from Super Eagles

Enyeama-Pg-61-27-03-15-CopyVincent Enyeama’s 13-year stay in the Super Eagles may come to an abrupt end soon following the Nigeria Football Federation’s (NFF) plans to expel the Lille of France skipper from the national team over alleged indiscipline.
An NFF source told The Guardian yesterday that the federation may sack Enyeama from the national team if he is found culpable in the allegation of indiscipline leveled against him.

Enyeama is expected to appear before the NFF Disciplinary Committee today to defend his actions after he was queried over his comments on the state of the Ahmadu Bello Stadium and the security situation in Kaduna, venue of Nigeria’s first Nations Cup qualifier against Chad last week.

Enyeama allegedly failed to reply the query. In fact, he has been accused of tearing the letter in the presence of the NFF officials, who took it to him.

“We are not taking any decision until we hear from all the parties involved in the case, but I want to assure you that nobody would be allowed to ridicule this country.

“He is assumed to be innocent until proven otherwise, but there are certain things we take seriously no matter who is involved,” the source said.

However, there is the belief in some quarters that Enyeama would quit the national team if the NFF made the good its promise to sanction him.

A source, who pleaded anonymity, said Enyeama had been thinking of quitting the national team, ‘but he was compelled to stay and help rebuild the team.’

“But if they decide to suspend him, I think that will spell the end of his time in the Super Eagles,” the source, who pleaded anonymity, said.

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  • Samuel Emmanuel

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  • Ebaah Odibo

    Enyeama is not ridiculing the country. He has helped shore up the tattered image of this country through his brilliant performances in the national team. Enyeama spoke the truth about the security situation in Kaduna. The eye service dollar corrupt inept official of NFF don’t like the truth. NFF is the one ridiculing the country. A citadel of dollar – denominated corruption, unable to organize anything serious.

    Now Enyeama has demonstrated he is not dependent on you for his daily ‘garri’. So what can you do now? Throw him out now and later go begging him to rescue you once more out of your incompetence.

  • Joseph

    This will be jungle justice. He has a right to air his view on the matter in question

  • AriseNigeria

    He has no right to question the safety of playing in Kaduna? This is pure stupidity on anyone that invited him for questioning, playing for your country does not mean you are censored from asking questions, or for expressing concerns of safety. What nonsense is this all about. Any part of the North should be considered unsafe because of the level of insecurity in those regions. I am not sure the kind of animals that are running NFF. Enyeama does not need to appear before such fools, the country need Enyeama, Enyeama does not need the Country.

    • ogbunaigwe

      Kind of animals………. Unwise words. Agreed he has freedom to express concerns about his safety and that of his teammates. To express your anger by going overboard with hate words, I think is unnecessary. Lets moderate the things we say.

  • cjnwogu

    Common, why can’t individuals express their feelings, even from my base here in East Africa I watched the Match and asked the same question. How can the Super Eagles mainly made up of foreign based players play in such bumpy pitch and unsecured Stadium. Who are we trying to please? Our aim is to win the game comfortably but you can see that day, the players never expressed themselves and we found it difficult to win that game. Era of impunity should be erased from all facets of our lives where once a decision is made by a group, nobody should query such decision. Please leave Enyeama alone, lets work with constructive criticisms.