Kogi, A’Ibom to house nuclear power plants

Nuclear Plant

Nuclear Plant

IAEA assesses readiness

NIGERIA’S quest to generate electricity from nuclear sources has received a boost, as the country has settled for two sites to house the first plants.

Nigeria plans to generate 1,200MW from first nuclear power plant in 2025 and increase to 4,800MW in 2035.

The Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission (NAEC), which announced the development in Abuja yesterday, stressed that experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are currently in the country to assess the country’s readiness for nuclear power generation.

Deputy Director-General, IAEA, Dr. Mikhail Chudakov, who is head of the IAEA’s delegation on a two-week trip to Nigeria, said in Abuja that Nigeria should be prepared to take adequate responsibility for the safety culture and for safe operation of a nuclear power in the country.

A presentation on the Phase 2 Integrated Nuclear Infrasstructure Review (INIR) Mission in Abuja, NAEC Chairman, Mr. Erepamo Osaisai listed the identified areas as Geregu in Kogi State and Itu in Akwa Ibom State.

He said a detailed evaluation and characterisation are to be conducted on the preferred sites on the approval of government in Geregu, Ajaokuta Local Council of Kogi State and Itu in Itu Local Council of Akwa Ibom State.

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  • Kumapayi

    Is this another white elephant project? We should be prepared to honestly ask ourselves why a nation that cannot sustain the basic energy generation systems should want to embrace a system that more developed nations are presently running away from. The stakeholders must take a more honest look at this nuclear energy generation policy.

  • Ekitikete1

    I have said it time without numbers that this their CHANGE is a Scam…. They promised 40,000MW within 4 years during campaign, but now, only 1,200MW will be achievable in the next 10 years (2025).

  • Benbella

    Waste of time and gimmick, cant work , just another elephant projects

  • emmanuel kalu

    a very very very bad decision for the country. there are so many less harmful way to generate electricity. we can’t even operate a gas power plant properly, this would be a disaster in the making. every more developed and law abiding country has had a major disaster. nigeria with its no maintainence culture is just looking for ways to destroy our country.

  • bigbang

    Good idea, we should diversify the energy sources. A combination of hydro, nuclear and solar will solve our energy problems. Oil will not last forever.

  • jae pete

    the world is moving away from nuclear energy, why is nigeria embracing it? Anyways i wont lose sleep on this the money for the project will be embezzled.