Atiku distances self from APC crisis, seeks support for Buhari



Party’s chairmen sue for peace, reconciliation 

FORMER Vice President and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Atiku Abubakar yesterday denied his involvement in the National Assembly election of its officers, urging Nigerians to ignore all such insinuations.

A press statement issued by his media office in Abuja yesterday signed by Paul Ibe, the Turaki Adamawa, who maintained that it is legitimate and desirable for individuals or groups to seek to pursue their interest, asserted that it must be done with the benefit of sustaining our democracy and promoting equity, fair play and justice in mind.

Atiku noted that the recent outcomes of the National Assembly election contrary to insinuations are products of interplay of politics, which is itself in constant motion.

“In politics, it is a mistake to expect fixed outcomes. As the President has done, let us all come to terms with what has happened in the interest of the system and move on.

Suffice it to say that the new administration should be allowed a smooth take off and be allowed the atmosphere to deliver. On this, I stand with President Buhari,” Atiku said.

Meanwhile, states chairmen of the All Progressive Congress (APC), under the aegis of the Chairmen’s Forum has sued for peace and reconciliation among all those feeling aggrieved in the recent process of leadership change in the National Assembly.

At the end of its meeting at the weekend in Abuja, the chairmen urged all aggrieved parties to embrace the moves for reconciliation by President Muhammadu Buhari and the national leadership of the party.

In a statement yesterday in Enugu, the Enugu State chairman of the APC, who is also the Publicity Secretary of the Chairmen’s Forum, Dr. Ben Nwoye, expressed concern over the crisis that ensued from the election of the leadership of the Eighth National Assembly and noted that, “we are urging all the aggrieved National Assembly to embrace dialogue and the re-conciliatory moves being championed by Mr. President, and the national leadership of our party, for the sake of national interest and APC.

According to Nwoye, the states chairmen, after four days of deliberations in Abuja on the internal crisis, “during which period, we engaged in a re-conciliatory meeting with the leadership of the party, in an attempt to seek resolution to the dispute, we concluded that the crisis can be resolved through extensive progressive dialogue.”

He explained that the meeting, which was presided over by the Forum’s Acting chairman, Alhaji Umar Haruna Muhammed of Kano State, hailed the efforts of Buhari, and the leadership of the party towards laying the crisis to rest.

The Turaki Adamawa while restating his unalloyed commitment to the Buhari administration pledged to back this commitment with all of the assets at his disposal.

“Not only did Atiku Abubakar congratulate Buhari after his emergence as the presidential candidate of the APC at the party’s national convention in Lagos, he also handed over his best assets to the Buhari Presidential Campaign.

The former Vice President enthusiastically handled the diplomatic assignment of seeking endorsement for Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina as the President of the African Development Bank on behalf of President Buhari and would be available for any other assignments as the President pleases.

“Make no mistake about it Atiku Abubakar holds Buhari in the highest esteem, and would always remain loyal to him, and support him in every endeavour to succeed as president.” The APC chieftain also called on Nigerians with members of the President’s own party taking a lead in their undiluted support of his administration.

“We, the members of the President’s own family need to lead in this direction for others to follow for the good of our nation and its peoples.”

Atiku Abubakar denounced the increasing determination of some people to draw a wedge between President Buhari and himself. “It has become crystal clear even to the blind that the motives of these hatchet men who are desperate to take every available newspaper space is to insult and vilify the former Vice President.

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  • Baba Ijebu

    There was never a time you were happy that Buhari won the APC presidential with the help of BAT and what is playing out now is your desperado and usual indiscipline attitude.

    • Zirem

      But He was able to put all behind by heavly financing PMB campaign for the greater good of the party and the country. So Tinibu should do the same, Nigerians are ok with the leadership of the NASS so re the majority of members of NASS, so can we move on. Need i say that Nigeria does not and will never belong to BAT, so please give us a break with Tinibu this Tinibu that, sure your know that President Buhari is emerged winner because Nigerians decided.

      • yinka

        This issue is not about Tinubu because he is not the person being accused of saboteur. Forget about OBJ third term, Atiku work against OBJ second term. He used the governors to fight him until he beg him. He is architect of bigger than life posture of the governors. I believe he will do the same with the senators against Buhari. If Nigeria want true change, they should stop glorifying people like Atiku, and stop being slave to the political class

        • Zirem

          You are getting it twisted, but you are obviously being told how to think and what say, that my friend is slavery. OBJ worked against himself second term , he was busy traveling the world and failed to relate well with the governors or even do his job as the President. i want to believe that was because he just came out of confinement. If it were you would you have backed down simply because he beg? The people spreading false stories and confusing you, whats their story?

  • Ojiyovwi

    Atiku has shown that the only principle he follows is self-interest and self promotion. He was a PDP chieftain and now an APC chieftain. He clearly moves to where he can extract self-importance – a political fair weather member and a poor team player in principle. He seems to be pursuing politics by rebound and not from a principled position on the issues that will benefit the Nigerian, except himslef of course. If Buhari has any presense of mind and intellect from those in his original team, he will distance himself from such political paracites as Atiku et al.

    • Mr. Abdin

      @babaijebu:disqus, I think this is where majority of Nigerians are missing the point, Atiku is highly committed to the Nigerian project that was why he was very optimistic in bringing change to Nigeria if he had wanted to be selfish he would agreed to join Jonathan when he asked him to do that when he visited in his residence.

      • Zirem

        Mr Abdin We are not missing the point, we can clearly see Atiku, he has been consistent in his contributions to Nation building even before APC became the ruling. Some of us are just blinded with sentiments. We are our own Enemy you know, most Nigerians tend to follow individuals even when they are clearly just protect their personal interest. Being a team player means being with the greater majority-National interest, and i see Atiku on the team. #AtikuTeamPlayer

      • Onyiah D. C.

        You jumped a major milestone, he would have agreed to remain in the corridors of power by accepting OBJ third term agenda. Lol

  • Mr. Abdin

    The political condition of Nigeria is something that is seen as an event that is inevitable, in politics actions sometimes can result to an out come that is either favourable or unfavourable to some people. Atiku Abubakar has remained committed to he regime of President Buhari. And all those who are thinking that they can blackmail Atiku Abubakar are making a big mistake, that is why he will be remembered as among those who played a vital role in the emergence of Buhari as the President of Nigeria.

  • sir Oscie

    On point Turaki, You have spoken like a true democrat and statesman that you are.
    The evil plans of liars and blackmailers to pull you down for their selfish reasons will always fail. Nigerians yielded for CHANGE and now that we have it, We are all ready to defend that CHANGE because we know that it will bring about good governance and better life for all.
    And for those trying to hijack a democratic process…….SORRY because they will keep failing.
    United we stand and Buhari administration must succeed.
    God bless Nigeria

  • Sunshine

    Very well spoken Turaki Adamawa. This is what change is all about. We have to move on. Paresis ident has said it, that he is not owned by any body and he has accepted the out come of June 9th. There is no point of the division of “us and them” “loyal and treacherous”. This will kill of the new party. What they are dragging now will make or break the party and they will look for who to blame.

  • Baba Jada

    Tinubu has now become the opposition within the APC and it is wise for Atiku to distance himself from such. Tunubu is responsible for the negative media attacks on Buhari and APC since he was defeated in the national assembly elections. Tinubu keeps advertising the unrest within the APC in defiance to the presidents call for peace and reconciliation . Supporters of change have their eyes on you Tinubu.

    • Rainbow

      Are you sure you can substantiate this claim? After all, judging by the fluidity of events since inauguration, coupled with the fleeting vested interests in APC, anyone of many chieftains of the ruling party could be fingered as the crooked stick in the still water. One can ordinarily ask: why would Tinubu wilfully pull down the house he built at this ripe-old season?
      God bless Nigeria

  • Babalakin

    Atiku is a gold digger but he will never amount to anything. His history and track record is always fresh in our mind. I have a lot respect and admiration for Tinubu. He created a stable frame work for the new Lagos to say the least. This compares and contrast with other states. And Lagos state is the show piece of APC. He also is the Kernel of the APC. He will always win because his works will always speak for him and the truth will always prevail.

  • Rev

    These people used all kinds crooked means to attain power not excluding sponsoring terrorists and now they have power, the terrorists they sponsored are out uncontrollable…answerable to no one.
    God will judge these people!

  • marx

    Lol Atiku will show Tinubu and his camp pepe,,,hahahah,,,,,u never see smth,,,,,After all d noise making and faux pas gathering of people with different ideologies and mind to get power at all cost, Tinubu thinks he can still in Bourdillion and manipulate the whole of naija,,,,lol,,,Naija no be Lagos,,,,,lol,,,When the North finishes with Tinubu and SW, they will be seeking another alliance very soon. right now, d SW has boxed itself to a corner for going into merger with power drunk North.,,,,right now based on political equation, SW is minority in APC cuz APC won more states in d North than in SW. This translates to North dominating appoitments and manipulations in APC. While the North dominates in APC, SE and SS dominate in PDP, while SW after all their media noise to win power, r now mere minority in the two strongest parties in a new democraticn Nigeria,,,,ahahahah,,I dey laugh o

  • Benbella

    Atiku should get clear from President , he his not an honest person , not to be trusted as a person , forget about any other person, it will put wedge between Buhari and Obasanjo , who don’t trust him at all, All those guys called themselves Mr. Goodman oooo? Baba would soon write a letter to Buhari about Atiku as he did to Jonathan ooooo