Clem Nwogbo, MD, MP Infrastructure limited

Clem Nwogbo, MD, MP Infrastructure limited

The growth and success of any corporate organization depends overtly on the quality of people charged with managing the operations of the company. When an organization is peopled with men and women who share a vision of excellence, the corporate mission easily becomes achievable especially when it comes with providing excellent quality service. Over time, it becomes imperative for the world to acknowledge and reward such an organization in order to encourage others to borrow a leaf from them.

The rewards do not just end there, that company is bound to grow and multiply as clients continue to engage, retain and recommend them over and over again; this is the story of MP Infrastructure Limited, a leading strategic service provider company that delivers a rich bouquet of top range telecommunications solutions, renewable energy services and turnkey infrastructure build services.

Founded in 2008 in Nigeria as a telecommunications infrastructure services company, MP Infrastructure offers full turnkey telecommunications infrastructure build solutions that include: Site acquisition, equipment supply, installation, design, commissioning and maintenance of telecommunication infrastructure.

Over the years, MP Infrastructure has built extensive experience technically and operationally to successfully deliver major full turnkey Build Projects across Nigeria and Africa. Their most recent build project has seen them take responsibility for over 600 cell-site builds across Nigeria on an end-to-end scope from Site acquisition to integration successes attributed to strong project management team, resources, quality control policies and safety practices.

This success no doubt translated into the prestigious award of NIS ISO 9001:2008 by the International Standards Organisation. This much-coveted award entails meeting stringent global standards that specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization demonstrates among other things, an ability to consistently provide products that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Visibly proud of the award, Mr. Clem Nwogbo, Managing Director of MP Infrastructure shared the company’s success story;
“Our growth is attributable to our people, our penchant for quality,efficient supply chain capabilities and world class safety record. We have also invested in regional infrastructure that enables us to effectively deploy infrastructure out of our country offices across operations in Africa.

Recently we have been actively engaged with some Distribution Companies (Discos) to deploy on turnkey basis; Embedded Captive Power Plants in partnership with the likes of CAT-Mantrac and currently in partnership with Aster Private for the design, supply and installation of over 250km 132KVA transmission lines for Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) across Nigeria.

We have set-up country offices across Africa; forging collaborations, establishing strategic alliances and partnerships with international renowned brands such as Inala, TE Connectivity BNS (now Commscope), Symmetricom, Eltek, FlexEnclosure, Hybrid Energy, Mantrac, etc; thereby growing across Africa with seven operational offices in Ghana, Cameroon, Cote D’Ivoire, Rwanda, Zambia, UAE and South Africa. In Ghana for instance, we have rolled out the first 4G LTE service for one of Ghana’s largest LTE/Telecom provider; this has firmly established us as a leader in this field having delivered several hundred sites to major telecommunication networks and tower companies within Africa.

Having owned the entire value-chain; MP Infrastructure also design, supply and install Remote Management & Alarm Monitoring Systems solution. In Zambia, Rwanda & Nigeria, this solution has achieved high uptime of the active and passive communication infrastructure components for our Customers.

In line with our vision and mission; MP Infrastructure strategic focus is to go beyond providing services and evolve from a project-based company to a full serviced infrastructure company. Accordingly, MPI has developed a business model based on BOOM – Build, Own, Operate, and Manage.

This model will enable our clients to convert their capital expenditure to a fixed and predictable operational expenditure thereby allowing them focus valuable limited resources primarily towards their core operations. This model we are confident will also ensure a steady stream of revenue unencumbered by the availability of projects to execute.

Quality is the corner stone of our service offering. Through effective supervision, Quality Management Systems and processes we are able to consistently deliver large projects to client specification. Today we have obtained ISO 9001 certification and are confident that we are able to sustain that expectation in to the future.

We have expanded our build services to cover extensive fiber optic deployment, transmission power-lines, Agriculture and renewable energy services. In all this; our focus has always been on quality service delivery, efficient and reduction of operating expenditure for our clients”, he enthused.

Nwogbo reiterated that the award is an indication that MP Infrastructure can perform at par with world class telecoms servicing firms if not better with their clients becoming the ultimate beneficiaries of such quality.
“ISO certification has set us on the path to becoming a world class organization. One of the ISO priorities is continual improvement and customer satisfaction. The attainment of this certification has gone a long way in fine-tuning all our processes in line with global best practice. We now have a more customer centric operation – paying greater attention to customer satisfaction essentially we have been able to measure and track customer satisfaction levels, obtained better feed backs, fulfilled and exceeded customer needs and achieved obvious competitive edge in the market.

Today, we see ourselves inching closer and closer to delivering better service outcomes to our customers using best in class strategies and adopting internationally acceptable standards. Our products and service delivery matrix are more measurable and our end product and services now perceived as more reliable and certainly of higher quality.

Within our operations in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroun, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, and Zambia, M-P Infrastructure provides Network Roll Out – Full Turnkey Solutions, and Fibre Optics Installation: from site routes right of way acquisition to testing and analysis of fibre optic (FTTX) installations. We are working with Commscope in evolving a finance, build and maintenance model for fibre broadband infrastructure in line with the government’s vision of deepening broadband penetration.

MP Infrastructure was involved in fibre deployment spanning 11.8km for a major operator across the Lagos 3rd Mainland Bridge which is the second longest bridge in Africa. We have also deployed many long distance kilometer HCFOM fibre-optic projects across Nigeria, some of which include; The Lagos Metro Project, Port-Harcourt Metro Project, The Lagos Spur and several other projects in Jos, Makurdi, Abuja, Ilorin, Lokoja currently in progress.

In addition, we provide managed service for our client infrastructure and maintain this throughout its lifespan. This include Active Managed Services and Maintenance to over 2,300 Active sites and Passive Managed Services at over 2,945 sites and these sites are still growing across Africa for many Operators, OEMs and Tower companies”, he said.
Success they say, does not come with its risks challenges. The Managing Director highlighted some of them and offered advice on how the government can help to strengthen the telecoms industry;

The power sector must come alive to ensure that cost of running and maintaining cell sites are discounted to the minimum with generators and other energy sources serving only as back up. For off grid locations that require multiple sources of power – mostly renewable, strong policy must be evolved as well as deliberate actions to encourage and finance the use of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

A well-structured and legally backed fiscal and regulatory framework is required to provide key direction and circumvent pockets of risk and ambiguity existing within the telecom industry as well stir up confidence for potential investors.

A uniform tax and levy regime which must be perceived as equitable and fair to all telecom sector stake holders must be developed and implemented. This will shield all tiers of operators from would be exploitative charges and arbitrary unbudgeted new taxes and levies. In effect, this will significantly improve investor confidence in the telecoms sector translating to better investor confidence and the attraction of the highly desirable capital investment to the industry.

In sum, the government must take deliberate steps to urgently strengthen financial institutions under its control to provide Insurance covers, credits guarantees as well as other financial comforts and instruments to support indigenous telecom operators’ growth and access to investment capital ( direct /counterpart).

When asked what the strategic direction for the company was in the next couple of years , he summarized by stating that
“Bridging Africa’s infrastructure deficit drives our business model. In partnership with some of the biggest global companies, we are gradually changing the play and perception of local infrastructure development across the continent, empowering communities, our suppliers and our people who are our greatest assets.

Our ambition is to be the most respected African infrastructure company changing life style possibilities and overall helping in creating and sustaining a better functioning environment for the continent. Our future is bright and certain; today we are deeply immersed in setting the tone and path for sustainable business growth through delivering unprecedented interventions in the African infrastructure space. This will further unleash the talents of our employees, deliver superior value to our customers and provide innovative solutions for the markets and communities where we do business.

We have a strategic roadmap for the next five years, which sets a new agenda for sustainability and aggressive growth this will involve deploying best-in-class technology in Africa as further growing our operations to at least 5 new locations in Africa

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