‘Youths should be willing to pay the price to succeed’

Victoria Michaels-Jefferson

Dr. Victoria Michaels-Jefferson is a woman of many parts. She is a life coach, author, fashion entrepreneur and songwriter. She is also the founder of Glorious Ministries Worldwide, Vice President of Mercy Tabernacle and the Senior Pastor of Tabernacle of Praise Churches. She is the host of Prophetic Voice Television Broadcast, aired through the Omega Channel South Africa, U.S. FOX 45 and CW 20 in Maryland, The Word Network and Streaming Faith seen across all cities in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

She has developed programmes on evangelism, mission and education. As the president and instructor of Adullam School of Leadership Training (The Gathering of Eagles), her Christian education classes are geared towards raising leaders with integrity. She has served as an advisor to leaders seeking to make changes in their organisations and ministries and has helped them develop strategies to be successful.

On her childhood experiences, she said growing up was exciting. “My father, who happens to be my number one mentor, instilled discipline in my siblings and I. I am the first of five children. My dad believed in me and supported me. My parents are pastors and retired educationists. My father is a man of high integrity and very accommodating. In fact, I learnt how to give from my father. My mother is the quiet type, but nice. I saw the lovely way my father treated my mother and we were always his priority. He showed us so much love and has touched my life a lot. I learnt to treat people the way I want to be treated from my father.”

On why there is so much moral decadence among youths, Michaels-Jefferson said it is an issue of serious concern, which should be dealt with. “Most of these young people are extremely smart and exposed,” she said. “One of the serious mistakes parents have made is to undermine young ones. The social media has exposed children to a lot of things, which you might think they don’t know, but they already know them. In fact, you will be amazed at how much these young ones know. I think parents need to talk more to their children, tell them the truth and about the consequences of life. They should share things with them from their own experience and when they see that you are real, they will also come out real. My children are all adults and I interact with them a lot.

“Today’s youths are so concerned about money. They think when there is money, they have it all, but that is not all there is to life. A lot of people have money, but they don’t know its purpose. I don’t know it all, but the little that has helped me through in life, I want to share with these young minds to enable them live better, purposeful lives. I paid the price to get to where I am today. They should not rush for the easy way out and should be willing to pay the price to climb the success ladder.”

She continued: “In my 17 years sojourn as a minister, I have come to realise that people won’t listen to you, if you just focus everything on religion without coming down to their level and hearing them out. I want these young people to believe in themselves and not let society box them in. Youths are angry at the society, their parents and themselves. That is where frustration comes in, because many of them do not know how to navigate life.

“Even many adults are even stuck in life. I believe we can raise a generation that should be greater and stronger than us. So that they don’t make the kind of mistakes some of us made. I think they should find their place in their Maker.”

Interestingly, Michaels-Jefferson has been able to manage work and family life efficiently. How did she achieve this?
“I love to multi-task and set my priorities right which has helped,” she explained. “I have a wonderful husband, who understands and supports what I do. My children are all grown and are all doing well, to the glory of God. So now, I am free to embrace other things. We base our lives on God’s word. Our major passion is our calling. I think God has blessed us with wisdom. Our home is solid.

“Women empowerment is very important. I think women need to be encouraged to get as much education as they can. There is nothing that empowers women as knowledge, because in the process of obtaining knowledge, you will discover so much about yourself. We still have a long way to go. I want to see more women involved in the political process and rise up for their voice to be heard. Every woman should find her own niche.

“I love to look simple and glam. I run a fashion brand known as Azzar. At the age of 18, I started hosting my own fashion shows and designing my own clothes. I also love singing and writing songs. I’m into interior decoration. To me, fashion means confidence. You don’t have to wear what is in vogue. Look at your body figure, go for what fits you and be confident to wear it well. I love looking good and I believe in dressing well. I design most of my clothes and design for people as well. I’m a very detailed person and make bespoke pieces for people that love wearing good outfits.”

The beautiful woman, who has mentored a lot of people from various walks of life on leadership hope to take her mentorship programme to institutions of higher learning and secondary schools and other places. She advised young entrepreneurs to avoid getting into business they are not hundred per cent passionate about.

“There is going to be seasonal storms. So, for you to succeed, don’t quit. Don’t start a journey if you have to start looking back. Entrepreneurs should empower themselves with knowledge of what they want to do. Find yourself and be you and try to be the best. Find a mentor because a mentor will help you avoid pitfalls. Be humble to excel as an entrepreneur and imbibe a reading culture. Treat your staff well.”

Michaels-Jefferson is a graduate of Biblical Studies from Calvary Christian College and has done a lot of courses. As an accomplished counselor and author, she has written a lot of books to her credit and has received several awards including: An honorary doctorate degree for her outstanding work in the community. She has also written and produced several albums. She is happily married to Bishop Bankole Jefferson and they are blessed with four children.

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