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Like most women there are two sides to Ego. Let’s call her warm side Lady Ego the good girl who could very much be your pastor’s wife or the dotting big sister you never had. She’s loving, level headed, polite, pleasant, always diplomatic, and sympathetic. She’s the voice of reason most of us need when we run into the complexities of life. She sees the good in everybody and every situation. Lady Ego is a true lady every woman would be proud to call their friend, every man would want to marry and every mother in law prays into the family. Now meet Ego-pepper! She’s the life of the party. The friend you need to have on speed dial when you “need to get them before they get you!” A street wise savvy mama with loads of tricks up her sleeves. She’s simply a sharp girl who is up for every challenge and never goes home with her tail between her legs.
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Diamond Woman…. Every Woman!!

Dear Ego,
My boyfriend and I have been dating for the past 4 years now. Even though we talk about marriage, I am not certain that he wants it with me. I just feel like he should have at least popped the question by now. We both have good jobs and are very comfortable so I honestly don’t know what is causing the delay. I know he loves me very much, but I need him to commit to me with a proposal. I don’t know how to bring up the topic without appearing desperate. I am dying in silence and getting really worried.
Please help me!
Bola O.

Dear ‘Ringless In Lagos’
Marriage is a serious issue and most men do develop cold feet when it comes to popping the question. You have been with him for 4 years so I think you should sit down with him, and ask what his plans are regarding your future together without being shy or uncomfortable about it. You are both mature, working and comfortable, so it may be a simple case of him just dragging his feet. If that is the case, you have to set the ball rolling by having the “marriage talk”. However, if you have this conversation and he cannot give you a specific time frame or reasonable response, he may not be planning to commit to you anytime soon. It would then be up to you to decide if: 1) You want to wait for him to eventually pop the question.
2) You want to end the relationship and start afresh with someone else.
Have a conversation with him, lay your cards on the table and the only answers you should accept are “Yes” or “NO”. Keep us posted ‘Ringless In Lagos’, our fingers are crossed!

Lady Ego
Dear ‘Ringless in Lagos’ Your case is what Twitter calls ‘Hash-Tag-Nonsense’! Spelling? # Nonsense!
Ok, Let Ego Pepper show you how to play this game! …because this is my forte, my purpose, my gift. In fact, this is my CALLING!!!!!!

Forget being ‘Ringless In Lagos’, I am going to show you how to be ‘MBA in Lagos’ (yes! M.B.A as in, Married By August). My tactics ensure that you are married within 12 months no matter what day of the year it is! GBAM!!
In fact, by the time I am done schooling you, we will have your boyfriend shouting “ Diaris God o!” publicly.
‘Ringless In Lagos’…are you still looking at me?! Get pen and paper fast and make sure you take down notes!

Oya let’s go!!!
Rule #1: Fear not! Don’t let your boyfriend smell your fear. You will marry don’t worry!
Rule #2: Say this prayer with all your might, “I will NOT marry my enemy – Amen!!” If you don’t know, a man who dates you for 4 years and does not propose is your enemy!
Rule #3: Bring out your old phone! (The one you were using in 2010 before you met this guy). Ehen! Oya start to call back all your old toasters. Your boyfriend’s eye will soon clear!
Rule #4: Open your browser! Google “oil and gas conferences in Nigeria 2014”. That’s right! My spirit is telling me that a babe like you needs one of those ‘oil block guys’. They’re not the type to pass up on a good thing. Line up your “baffs” and start attending those conferences. It does not matter that you don’t know anything about oil and gas. Just let those ‘oil block guys’ see you there. It will benefit you maritally!
Rule #5: Until you say “I do” keep your options open and don’t make any man who does not have the courage to ask you to marry him your priority!
It is well dear. Be strong and don’t let anyone steal your joy!
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